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#01-11/12, The Cathay 2 Handy Road Singapore 229233
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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on March 21, 2014    

From the Folks who brought you Saveur, Concetto aims to bring you affordable Italian food.

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As with Saveur, Good and Very Affordable

Concetto is opened by Saveur, and shares a similar concept with their parent company, offering skillfully executed Italian dishes for a very affordable price. Their pastas start from as low as $9.90, with most of their mains priced around $12-$18. Think seafood pastas, roulade, and duck confit, all for less than $15!

Located close to the heart of town at The Cathay, Concetto is bright and spacious, with an uncluttered, clean ambience. The Concetto Pasta ($4.90) is their version of the well-known Saveur Pasta, and is equally if not more tasty, with the cold capellini being tossed in a creamy seafood aioli. The Frutti Di Mare Linguine ($15.90) is an absolute delight, topped generously with an assortment of seafood and served in a sweet tomato-based sauce.

If you’re a student and you STILL don’t feel that Concetto is affordable enough, Concetto even has a 1-for-1-weekday student deal from 2pm-5pm. For the price you’re paying, Concetto is more than worth it.

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(Updated: December 18, 2014)

Underrated Find at The Cathay!

I must have walked past this place a hundred times without stopping to look at the menu - Concetto has an industrial design that I love. Unfortunately, my heart has been broken and my wallet emptied one time too many because I was taken in by a restaurant's design.

Concetto has a concise menu, fuss-free, adequate, and affordable. The mains are priced from about $15 onwards. I had the Seafood Fettuccine and it was better than I expected. The pasta was Al Dente and sauce really packed a punch. For something that costs $3 more than a similar dish at Pastamania, this was perfect.

The selection of desserts is rather small. I had the Pistachio Panna Cotta. While a green Panna Cotta seemed weird at first, the dessert had a really special taste to it. Peculiar, but in a tasty way. I strongly urge everyone to try it!

I might have been attracted by Concetto for its theme, but this dark horse is one that really delighted me!

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Still Prefer Saveur

Saveur is one of my favourites for good food at affordable prices, therefore, I had high expectations for Concetto to keep to the same theme. I also prefer Italian food to French so it's really quite a pity that Concetto just doesn't hit the mark. The dishes I've tried on 2 occasions were just average and for the same price, I can find better elsewhere.

Out of all the dishes we tried, the best 2 were the creamy pork pasta and the pappardelle bolognese. The creamy pork pasta was tasty and the chunk of pork was tender but the issue with both the pasta dishes was the the pastas clumped and stuck together. The bolognese was also slighty too salty for my taste.

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Creamy Pork Pasta
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The Cathay
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Average food, great ambience and service

I am a big fan of Saveur, which is the parent company of Concetto so as soon as I got to know about this new place by Saveur, I went down the next day with a group of friends to try it. I was there on a weekday afternoon around lunch time and it took the staff no longer than 5 minutes to get us seated. I really liked the interior designing. It has a raw and minimalist vibe, think concrete flooring, white furniture, stainless steel poles... I found it fresh and comfortable to be in there.

The menus consisted of pastas, risottos, meat and seafood. We ordered the mushroom risotto, crab risotto and squid ink risotto. I tasted all three risotto dishes and sad to say, the food here is only average and I would think that they could have done better considering the quality of food in Saveur. Out of the 3 risottos, I would say the mushroom risotto is the tastiest. It had a distinct mushroomy taste and the fried mushrooms that topped the risotto added a texture to the soft risotto. I found it a little flat in flavor and apart from the fried mushroom toppings, there weren't much mushrooms pieces found in the risotto. The crab risotto was mine and I found it a little fishy and the risotto felt overcooked (which really reminded me of porridge). Taste wise, very salty and I didn't like it at all. Squid ink risotto also felt overcooked and the squid pieces were really tough.

At the end of the meal, the staff came forward to ask us about our dining experience and feedback about the food. My friends and I gave some feedback and he was very accepting and polite about it, saying that he will forward the feedback to the chef. Service is great and decor is awesome but it takes more than just great service and decor to get customers coming back. I don't see myself coming back for the risottos but I might come back for their meat mains after reading the positive reviews below.

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Yes Yes Yes! So good!

Very rarely do I give 5 stars but this place definitely deserves it! The furnishings is very simple, minimalistic and chic. I love love the open concept kitchen, there is something therapeutic about watching on as my food is being prepared in a state-of-the-art kitchen! The staff are absolutely friendly and attentive as well.

The food. Yum yum! The menu is short, which is a good thing to me because 1. I can make up my mind in 5 mins because it narrows down the options 2. it signals to me the restaurant knows what it is doing. And this restaurant certainly does! The seafood aglio olio I had was superb, just the right amount of oil and al dente pasta. The creamy pasta my friend ordered was just right on the palate, too heavy and you will get sick of it and too light and it will be bland. The deserts are to die for! Pistachio panna cotta had amazing texture with a sharp contrast between the creamy panna cotta and crispy pistachio bits!

And all at an affordable price!

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Budding franchise

Concetto is a relatively new, budding franchise of its parent company, the famous restaurant Saveur, opened by the owners themselves. Given the good name of Saveur, I decided to try out this place, with relatively high expectations of the outcome. I was not disappointed.

The dishes, by itself, are tasty and worth their value in price. Take for example, the octopus salad. I find that this dish is unique and octopus actually tastes quite nice with vegetables if you mix them with the appropriate sauces. Moreover, I decided to try a meat, and ambitiously chose the Wagyu tender, which cost me around $27. I felt that the meat was not very high graded to warrant the high price, and moreover, in my case, it is not well cooked enough. Overall, I still enjoyed the meal despite the bomb on my wallet.

One quaint thing I like about Concetto would be the way in which their menu is structured. For example, seafood goes under the category 'SEA', normal food from land animals such as the cow goes under the category 'LAND' and desserts go under 'LIGHT', simply because they don't really fill your stomach, which is quite a cute way to categorise.

Overall, relatively affordable for most foods with the exception of the Wagyu Tender and worth a visit!

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