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Denise Chia
Listing created by Denise Chia on December 20, 2013    

Bruno's is a small Italian restaurant with 2 outlets - along Telok Kurau and at Tanjong Katong Road. They offer dishes such as pastas, pizzas and escargots. 

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Excellent food!

I ate at Bruno's Pizzeria & Grill today with my fellow teammates and we all agreed on one thing - the food was excellent.

We ordered the "Rucola, Prosciutto E Scaglie Di Parmigiano" (Pizza with mozzarella cheese, arugula leaves, parma ham and shaved parmesan), "Prosciutto E Funghi" (Pizza with mozzarella cheese, baked ham and mushrooms), Escargots, the "Torta Di Cioccolato" (Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla ice cream) and their tiramisu.

Their "Prosciutto E Scaglie Di Parmigiano" was excellent, with just the right amount of arugula to go with the parma ham. The amount of parma ham was also just right so as not to overpower the taste of the mozzarella cheese. Of the two pizzas, I preferred this one but maybe that's just because I'm a huge fan of parma ham. While I also enjoyed the "Prosciutto E Funghi", I felt that the pizza tasted a lot like Burger King's Mushroom Swiss burger.

I tried escargots for the first time today and they were really tasty. However since that was my first time eating escargots, I'm not sure if the escargots are considered "good" compared to other places.

The "Torta Di Cioccolato" was excellent - the cake was warm and molten on the inside and it complemented the vanilla ice cream wonderfully. The tiramisu was also light and delicious, although I would have preferred for it to be more moist.

The ambience of the place was simple but inviting - there are wine bottles displayed on shelves and wine glasses hanging upside down in full view of the customers. The menu is also written on chalk on a chalkboard mounted on the side of the restaurant. I'm not sure why, but it radiated a very Italian feel.

Overall, I feel that Bruno's is a great place to visit if you're looking for tasty, high-quality Italian food. While the price is considered high, I think it's worth it if you're looking for delicious food.

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