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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on July 15, 2013    

Two Face is a hawker centre by day and a cafe & watering hole that serves Italian cuisine by night. Hence its interesting name. There is no GST or service charge.

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5pm - Midnight


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(Updated: May 14, 2014)

Thumbs Up for Smoked Duck Pizza

If you are craving for a freshly made pizza, Twoface Pizza & Taproom definitely cater to your needs! According to their staff, smoked duck and 2 face pizza are their signature pizzas! Therefore, I listened to their advice and ordered the smoked duck thin crust pizza along with ha chong gai and their homemade ice lemon tea. Waited quite long yet I didn’t whine (mainly due to the expectation of good pizza requires more time haha).

Their ha chong gai standard would be equivalent to outsides’ tze char standard. They might even win them in terms of taste and crispiness. After eating this, here comes our smoked duck!! YAY! I was famished when it arrived. Their thin crust pizza is just nice, though some areas of my pizza are slightly burned but I couldn’t complain more about savouring the smashed garlic and duck in my mouth. By far, the nicest freshly made pizza I’ve ever eaten.

*Just some tips, smashed the garlic and spread it around the slice of pizza, would make it taste better then eating it as a whole. Also, this place only open after 5pm.

Lastly, take note that you have to order the food you want at the counter. If you are coming alone, do it the Singaporean way of putting your tissue packets on the tables. However, my best advice would be to come here with you friends. The more the merrier. Good Food comes along with good company. *

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Smoked Duck Pizza
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Novel concept, great food and ambience

Two Face is located near where I live and visiting this place has been a monthly routine because I love their pizzas and in-house specialty, the vegetable juice!!! A little history about Two Faced, in the day it is a coffeeshop selling local delights but in the evening, it changes its face to a pizza bar, hence the name 'Two Faced'! This isn't your typical fancy pizza bar. It's non-airconditioned and in a coffeeshop. However, the people of Two Faced have managed to create an ambience that makes the place feel very 60s. With the dim lights, oldies and chalkboard signage.

I usually order the truffle fries, Bismark pizza and the vegetable juice. The truffle fries are average but I just like having hot fried food to munch on. Out of all the pizzas they offer, my favorite has to be the Bismark. It contains mushrooms, ham and a sunny side up egg in the middle. Simple ingredients but wholesome taste. I highly recommend the juice to everybody!!! The juice is a blend of pineapples, chye sim, apple and sour plum. I know it sounds revolting and gross but trust me, it is GREAT. Refreshing and not too sweet. You'll love it! Be careful about the chye sim bits though, these brats tend to get stuck to your teeth heh! The pastas are alright to me. I tried them once and found the portion small..

It is a good place to chill with your friends over pizza. It's windy and relaxing at night. Two Faced also sells alcohol and beer alongside their usual menu. I would highly recommend everyone to visit this place for their pizzas and their special vegetable blend!

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vegetable juice, bismark pizza
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(Updated: August 13, 2013)

Large portions at good prices

It is cafes like these that epitomize Tiong Bahru's transformation into one of the hippest enclaves in Singapore. The decor isn't something that will impress a date since its very much still a hawker place you're dining at. Large Chalkboards with menu items shroud the daytime hawker stalls. This place is popular with expats and young creative types and also serves alcohol.

It was our first time here so we were standing awkwardly at the menu area waiting to be seated. Turns out here you have to seat yourself, get your own water and place your order and the cashier before your meal. They do not have service charge and prices are GST inclusive. Awesome! They also have a really long waiting list, we came at 8.30pm and the place was still packed, with just one free table available

Menu items range from $10 to $20. We had truffle fries ($10), Aglio Olio Mushroom ($10), and their two face pizza ($16). The bill came up to exactly $36 and they only accept NETs or cash payment so do take note of that.

Their two face Pizza is a combination of two halves of their weekly Pizza, not listed on the menu. We had Chicken Mushroom and Roasted Pork Mushroom which is good since I like meat on my Pizza and the default Pizza choices were lacking in meat choices. I highly recommend choosing this Pizza option.

Servings are extremely generous, we were given a mountain of fries big enough for 4, the Aglio Oilo had a scary ratio of mushrooms and their pizza came overloaded with ingredients. Definitely one of the most value for money places in terms of ingredients given. I felt the food was above average whereas Chloe thought it was really good.

I think this rent sharing is a genius business idea, since hawkers don't usually sell well at night anyway. With their cafe prices and low rent I bet this cafe is doing very well and I hope they continue to do so!

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Generous Servings
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Tiong Bahru
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