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Started in 1967 by Mr Shogaki, the current Chairman in China. He started Saizeriya during his apprenticeship, an operation with only 36 seats. He was hoping to promote Italian cuisine, which to him represented balanced diet and healthy eating with dishes made with fresh ingredients. However he also believe that really good food should be cheap and tasty and it became the selling point of the restaurant.

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Decent food for a great price

If you are looking for a budget-friendly restaurants around that can cater to a mob of hungry diners, look no further than Saizeriya.You don’t even have to look very far, as one of their many outlets are always just around the corner.

My go-to dish is the Curry Chicken Baked Rice ($5.90). It is exactly as you would expect curry baked rice to be, the rice is fat and round and covered in spicy curry sauce. There is not much to complain about given the price. When I’m hungry the portion can be too small, so sometimes couple it with the Grilled Fish Fillet ($8.90). Even eating two meals won’t burn a hole in your pocket, as prices are all nett. No service charge, no GST.

The set meals with free flow drinks are a must. You to stay and chill with your friends indefinitely. You won’t get thirsty and of all the times I have been there I have never been pressured by the staff to leave. That’s extremely valuable if you have a large group, because few other restaurants in this price range can accommodate you like this.

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Italian Cuisine for a Cheapo

Who knew that Italian cuisine could be cheap? People who know Saizeriya. Most of the time, I relate Italian cuisine to an empty wallet after getting the bill. But my dear, not only is Saizeriya cheap, it really is quite good. I would describe the food as "Simple yet tasteful".

What I love about Saizeriya is how unpretentious it is. They claim to offer Italian casual dining for all occasions, affordable food and quality service, no service charge and GST. I would say that everything is true except for the "quality service" because you do not get much service other than being seated, and getting your order taken and served. Drinks are self-service because of their 'free-flow drinks bar' and you pay at a counter.

Tip: Look out for the seasonings provided and grab it for your table!

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Cheap and Good

If you want cheap Western food that’s also delicious, head over to Saizeriya. You can easily get a meal for under $10 here, complete with free-flow drinks.
I went there for dinner and had seafood paella (complete with squid, clams, mussels and prawns) for $7.90, along with free-flow drinks at $2.80. You know how squid, when overcooked, becomes really gross and rubbery, and that at a cheap place like this, it wouldn’t be cooked well? Well, the squid here was cooked to perfection. It was amazing. The variety of drinks available is quite wide as well, with everything from coffee and tea to soft drinks like Coke and Ginger Ale.
The food is spectacular given the price, and I’m definitely coming here the next time I have to buy someone a nice dinner.

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Cheap, quick, no frills.

Saizeriya is well known to be the go to place for students on a budget, and a quick look at the menu makes it apparent why this is so. In addition to the fact that all the items on the menu are nett (no hidden GST or Service Charge), the nett prices are also ridiculously cheap. One could, for instance, get a chicken spaghetti at only $3.90 in a full restaurant setting.

Having said that, their food is nothing to fuss over. I got their squid ink pasta which was a mere $5.90 - a perfectly reasonable price. In fact, I can hardly think of any other place that serves squid ink pasta at the same price. A word of caution though - their squid ink pasta/sauce turns everything it touches black, much like some odd object of doom. Only five minutes into the meal did I realise that my entire mouth (AND teeth) had become black. NOT recommended date food, in other words.

Overall, a cheap place that serves up edible fare. Great for people on a budget, but if your'e in the mood to indulge this is certainly not the place. They don't charge you service charge for a reason.

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So cheap!

The only two things Saizeriya has going for it are its low prices and free flow drinks. Really, other than that, the food is mediocre and wait times for food are pretty lengthy too.

Although, I still reckon, the prices cannot be surpassed easily. With a dining environment of standards exceeding that of food court or hawker fare (the decor is not particularly appealing, but old-timey and passable, I suppose) and actual service staff, as well as free flow soft drinks and hot chocolate, coffee, etc., Saizeriya does offer pretty value-for-money meals.

I once tried studying at the Toa Payoh outlet with a friend, and despite a steady stream of customers, we were not turned out of the restaurant, which was a huge plus point for me. I suppose people tend to linger there given the free flow drinks.

Do go there for the low prices, if nothing else!

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(Updated: June 18, 2014)

Great price for average food

I guess this is where the adage "you get what you pay for" fits to a T. At its crazy affordable prices, Saizeriya's food is pretty average and nothing to shout about.

We had the Octopus carpaccio - not recommended unless you enjoy a good jaw workout. These thin slices of octopus are quite something. They managed to be tasteless, tough and resistant to chewing all at once. The pesto sauce was the only flavour but even that tasted nothing much like the pesto sauces I've tried.

The pastas fared slightly better. I had the Asari Soup Spaghetti which was served in a generous portion with soup broth and Asari clams. I appreciate that the clams were generously scattered all over my pasta and that my pasta was sufficiently al dente despite sitting in soup broth for a while. It makes for a wallet-friendly and filling meal - but not anything memorable, really. At the price of $5.90, sure, I'm up for it again and I may be back.

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Valued for money

I love the escargots from Saizeriya but their escargot can be inconsistent at different outlets. I was served with burnt and overcooked escargots once but most of the time, they are beautifully done.

Their cheesy meatballs and gratins are good. Carbonara and squid ink spaghetti are pretty decent too. The portion can be quite small, especially for guys. But because the price is so reasonable, (think food court price, or cheaper), one can afford to order 2 mains. Also, not to mention, their free flow drinks bar. They have at least 10 drinks there, ranging from cold drinks to soda to hot coffee.

Not the best place for Italian food but considering the price and the variety, I see myself visiting Saizeriya very often.

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(Updated: May 12, 2014)

Affordable but mediocre

I've heard many good reviews about Saizeriya and many raves about how affordable and amazing their food is. Well it definitely is affordable for Italian food, but that's it. I don't really see how people can love the Italian food here.

It really is pretty much mediocre, and to be honest it's more like a fast food chain to me. The ingredients aren't fresh. In fact, they're probably pre-prepared, and then heated up when you place your order. That's just it - the food is not fancy and not exactly bad, but I guess you get what you pay for.

That said, Saizeriya may be a great option to dine in for families because of the casual and relaxed ambience. Assistance also comes simply by pressing a button at your table, and there are free-flow drinks for an extra $1.50 (on weekdays).

It's great for gatherings, but not for authentic, good Italian food.

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My best hangout places

Saizeriya Italian Restaurant used to be one of the hangout places, my best friends and I would go during weekends mainly because it is super affordable, relaxing and crowd-free! Their outlet at liang court provides a good environment for gathering as people rarely visit this shopping mall (I guess). Always had our gathering at this outlet, order our favourite food (squid ink spaghetti, Hawaiian pizza, chicken wings, risotto) and their free-flow drinks! The drinks cost around $2.80 on weekends and about $1.50 on weekdays ( worth it right, if we were to sit here , eat and talk for like many hours, without getting thirsty).

Likewise, any assistance needed could be done in just a press of button. A button is located at the end of the tables for customer to seek help in terms of ordering, collecting of payment of etc. Service is really good. It makes you feel at home by being so comfortable in the restaurant. What’s more? Everything that you paid is already in nett price. YES! NO GST NO SERVICE CHARGES. Everything is already inclusive. W O W.

Affordable Pricing, Comfortable Environment, Satisfying Food, seem like only Sazieriya fits the bill perfectly.

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Liang Court
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Cheap escargot fix

By now, I guess this place would be well-known for its cheap escargots ($5.90!!!). Besides serving it's famed baked escargots, it also serves a range of Italian food like pastas, baked rice, pizzas and sides. Most of the items on the menu are below $10, with sides as low as $1.90 and pastas from $4.90. I've been there twice and the first time, I tried the pizza and the chicken chop and sad to say, it wasn't very nice. The pizza dough felt like hard bread, the sauce and toppings tasted too processed and "fake". The chicken chop was overcooked and tough. For the price I am paying, I guess that is the quality I am getting. I wasn't too disappointed but if you are not too picky with food, it will be alright.

The escargots does taste great though!!! It was served to us piping hot, with lots of garlic in it. On my second visit, I just ordered the escargot and some focaccia to wipe the garlic oil with. Simple, nice and cheap. The escargots are sweet, chewy and are definitely comparable to the more expensive ones that you are paying outside. Saizeriya does not charge service tax and GST but their service is still friendly and efficient. I will recommend this place for a cheap Italian food fix (only if you are not picky with food quality) and a cheap escagots fix, which is what I will be coming here for whenever I do visit.

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