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Brunetti brings together a luscious array of everything Italian in an enticing caffé space – a Gelateria, Cioccolateria, Pasticceria and more. Brunetti brings together a luscious array of everything we treasure in Italian cooking, in an enticing café space – a Gelateria, Cioccolateria, Pasticceria and more. Famed for its mouth-watering cakes, freshly baked breads, delightfully sinful chocolates and flavourful gelatos, Brunetti satisfies every Italian craving.

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Brunetti Junior

I was initially extremely excited upon knowing the opening of the Brunetti outlet in Singapore. Being an avid pastry fan myself I absolutely loved the handmade pastries when I tried it from the original store in Melbourne. However, my excitement was short-lived, as I found myself rather disappointed with the quality of the pastry that they served.

The pastries looked lovely under the orange lighting and the place was done up really nicely to resemble an elegant english pastry cafe. The place is self-serviced so customers have to pick up their own food from the counters. The pastries are served immediately after choosing them off the glass-paneled display shelves. Despite its petite appearance and vibrant colours, the pastry tasted nothing like what it looked it. It was too dry on the inside and the pastries were slightly too hard for my liking. To my dismay the cream had even hardened into a chocolate cube. The ice cream and coffee standards however, thankfully, were still kept close in comparison to the ones I had in Melbourne which was just all too delicious.

Perhaps it was due to the previous high expectations being set by the original store that I had been to, as I personally would not favour this place if I am after mouth-watering pastries. The other items on the menu could be worth trying though if one is in the area, as the place is really quite pretty for an elegant afternoon.

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Nice ambience but average macarons

Once you step into Tanglin Mall, you cannot miss the grandeur of Brunetti. I was captivated by the ambience and the whole decor of the cafe that I made sure to visit it for desserts after my meal at Chilli's. It sells European pastries and funnily enough, they originate from Australia! My friend ordered the chocolate eclair and I ordered some macarons. I tried the chocolate eclair and was disappointed by it. I felt that the chocolate taste could have been stronger and more authentic. It felt like "nonya kueh" to me. The texture was really weird. The macarons had a strong essence taste, like they were just using rose essence to get the flavors out. Eeeks. Tasted really artificial!

Prices are not cheap here, as one can already tell from the decor and ambience. The pretty cakes succeeds in mesmerizing me but I was already full from lunch and thus, only ordered a little to have. I would be back for the other cakes just to see how they are like, because the bad chocolate cake could be an exception! I cannot wait to try the other cakes and I hope it would not disappoint me like the chocolate cake and the macarons.

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Heavenly goodness!

I love the place here! I came here with my mum for our weekly Saturday breakfast one morning. It was a pity I did not get to try the deserts in the morning because they looked really tasty and delicious.

I tried the eggs benedict, while my mum got some muesli. The servings were really huge, I felt incredibly full after completing my meal. The poached eggs were tasty, and the yolk was extremely yolky. However, I was not too fond with the Hollandaise sauce used as it paired together with the bread did not taste good. The muesli my mum had tried was pretty good too. Apart from the good food, I liked the ambience of the place. It was quiet and was the perfect place for me and my mum to have a long catch-up session.

I will definitely be back here again to try the heavenly looking desert soon!

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Sweet Heavens!

Unleash your inner glutton and satisfy your sinful cravings with Brunetti's uncountable range of dessert delights. Ranging from fluffy, light sponge cakes, to melt-in-your-mouth chocolate pralines, Brunetti's counters has something for all sorts of different sweet preferences. For a first timer, I would most definitely recommend the lip-smacking gelato - there are just so many flavours to pick from! My preference would be to go for something fruity though, perhaps sorbet. One could then pick from the variety of chocolates for a tinge of deeper flavour. Furthermore, enjoy the upbeat lodging at an Italian-styled, semi-alfresco eatery, coupled with the friendly staff, really brightens up your day.

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