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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 12, 2012    

The new stand-out pizzeria featuring Timbre's widest range of oven-baked 12-inch pizzas, complemented by eclectic interiors with the feel and groove of classic 12-inch records is now opened. 12-inch is located on the fourth floor of the new V Hotel above Lavender MRT Station (access to level 4 via really classy firemen lift). Choose from over a wide range of savoury and sweet (dessert) thin crust pizzas, fresh salads, hearty main courses, pastas and appetizers. Must tries are the signature roast beef LP Sandwich which comes in both 12 or 7 inches long sizes and the Goodfellas pizza with shrimps and crispy egg cereals on a garlic butter and curry sauce base.

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Meh at best.

I chose to go to 12 inch pizzas and records to avoid the crowds normally associated with Timbre. I was really looking forward to the roasted duck pizza because honestly, why would you have anything else? Sad to say though, the taste of it has dipped so much since the last time I had it.

Too little duck meat aside, all I could see and taste were the avalanche of popiah skin and hoisin sauce. Might it all be a conspiracy to distract us from the lack of duck?! We also had the cheese fries with chilli con carne, also mediocre at best. The melted cheese was light and the chilli con carne failed my seasoned taste buds for spicy food.

I must say the service was exceptional, perhaps a little too smothering. Might this be another conspiracy to distract us from the lack of duck once again?! The ambience too, worked in our favor as business seemed slow on a Sunday night. Go if you're too lazy to scour the streets of Lavender for other food, or go if you wanna experience maternal, smothering customer service. Either way, I hope you will get more duck meat than I did when you do.

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