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The Central, #03-82/83/85/102/108/109 6 Eu Tong Sen Street 059817
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Nicholas Tang
Listing created by Nicholas Tang on December 20, 2012    

Watami International was established in 2005, to oversee the overseas restaurant operations of the Watami Group through realising the group slogan of the Watami Group - "To receive the most thank-you on the planet." Casual Japanese dining offering a variety of Japanese cuisines.

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Opening Hours:
11:30am - 22:00pm
List of Outlets:
> ION Branch
> Central Branch
> Raffles City Branch
> Junction8 Branch
> J Cube Branch
> Star Vista Shop
> Causeway Point


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Affordable lunch sets

I actually like Watami despite the thumbs down given by a lot of my friends. I usually visit the Junction 8 or Star Vista one. The Star Vista outlet can get pretty crowded on weekend dinners.

The lunch sets that are offered are very reasonably priced. About $15+ for a choice of mains, drinks and a bowl of salad. The mains range from hot stone rice bowls to ramens to curry rice. It is not the best in the world but satisfying enough for me. I usually order the pork cutlet with egg and it comes with a bowl of rice. The pork cutlet is a really huge serving. I usually can only finish half of it. But the meat, egg and sauce goes really well with the rice.

You can also choose to top-up a dessert at $4.90 with a lunch set purchase. The dessert (red bean, matcha ice cream) is pretty decent too.

Overall, a very satisfying lunch for me, considering the affordable price tag.

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lunch set
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affordable casual dining

Watami Singapore markets itself as a casual restaurant serving affordable Japanese food. We all know how Japanese food can cost a bomb here and hence, such affordable restaurants are really popular among Singaporeans. When it first opened, you can easily see Watami sporting long snaking queues. However, the hype has died down recently. I guess it's because many people realize that you have to pay for high quality Japanese food. I was one of the many who queued during Watami's opening and although the set menus are of great value and is affordable on the whole, the food quality left much to be desired.

The sashimi sold here wasn't cut to how I liked. It was also very thin and did not felt satisfying at all. I was recommended to try the stone pot rice and I chose a salmon one. The stone pot rice was not piping hot and the salmon came in thin slices like the sashimi ones. It seems that they are using the same cuts of salmon for both hot and cold dishes? The rice was quite little and not as chewy as how I like my Japanese rice to be. I was severely underwhelmed by this dish. I would not recommend anyone to have their Japanese fix here unless you are really constrained by budget.

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Service is too slow

Service was slow. Impossibly slow. I had what was an interminable wait before my order of noodles arrived (1 hour). I'm not exaggerating.

We repeatedly reminded the staff that we were still waiting for our food, and to appease us they gave us a free drink while we were waiting. However, the drink wasn't enough to quell our disappointment. We only just finished our exams and were wanting to celebrate together, but the experience was a sour one.

Sitting near to the entrance, we could see a line of people queuing, and over time most of the queue left. The service was so slow that no one was getting their food fast, and so no one was leaving.

As for the noodles, I felt they were just overpriced instant noodles that were too salty. I don't think I'll ever come here again.

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Looking at the people complaining about the wait times
Branch Location:
Star Vista
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(Updated: February 11, 2013)

fresh, i like it

I have to admit that the food served here are really fresh. What one would expect from a japanese restaurant is that the food, especially its sashimi have to be exceptionally fresh. Because only good restaurants serve fresh food. This has been what I have always believed and i am glad that the decision to dine in Watami was right.

I ordered their salmon don and i was pleasantly surprised that their rice coupled with their salmon tasted unusually good. I mean it does not taste like any don i had at any other restaurants and i was impressed to be really honest. I could taste every bit of freshness from each succulent salmon slices. Worth the money spent!

And the dining experience was great! The staff were friendly and would voluntarily refill my cup of water without me asking. I would definitely go back for a meal again, might be a little costly but it's worth it to pamper myself sometimes eh?

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A pleasant experience!

The only reason why I went to Watami was because my friend had money vouchers, but after the first experience, I definitely wouldn’t mind going back again!

A group of 3 of us ordered the Special Set ($59), which was intended, for 2 people, but it was certainly more than enough for us. What I interesting about this restaurant is that their set menus are not rigid. Instead, they are customized to suit your preferences ( Furthermore, if you order the set menu, you can get their desserts for half the price! I would specially recommend the pizza from the set menu, and I also liked that they provide free re-fill for the hotpot’s broth.

The only thing that disappointed me from the set menu was the fries. Even though the presentation was well done, it tasted like frozen deep fried fries, definitely not worth my stomache’s space. The Brownies and Macha Parfait also disappointed. My friend did say that the tiramisu was suppose to be the best dessert they offer so you might want to give that a try. Despite a few bumps, I still look forward to the next visit!

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Branch Location:
The Star Vista
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