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Gastronomia is a gourmet-quality take-out boutique ideally suited for those with great taste but to little time. Choose from a mouth-watering array of professionally prepared dishes, including homemade pasta and sauces, artisanal cheeses, salads, pizza, sandwiches and more. Indulge in delicious pastries, cakes or our celebrated tiramisu. And complement your meal with fine wine, Tekoe tea or Bristot coffee. You can even enjoy a charming alfresco experience at the convenient outdoor tables. Gastronomia – gourmet food was never so easy to enjoy!

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Not exactly to my liking

Da Paolo Gastronomia Bukit Timah is located right opposite Botanics MRT station and is often packed with people during breakfast and lunch hours. The outdoor area is especially crowded as it is pet-friendly, and pet owners would often visit the cafe for a cup of coffee after bringing their dogs out for a walk.

I’ve been there once for breakfast and they serve typical Western food - scrambled eggs, omelettes, sandwiches, coffee and various pastries. My friends were satisfied with their omelettes while I was underwhelmed by my sandwich. I ordered a chicken sandwich. The bread was pretty hard to the extent that I had problems biting into it. The chicken was also tough and unflavourful. Since the sandwich wasn’t cheap either, I didn’t have a very pleasant experience there.

Despite so, I’m sure many others - especially Caucasians will appreciate the food and setting at Da Paolo Gastronomia!

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Lovely takeaways

Gastronomia has a lovely range of dessert and proper food for takeaway, and they are honestly amazing. They are good enough for me to return again and again despite the high prices.

I was first drawn to Gastronomia by their dessert - they had me hooked, to say the truth. I love their White Chocolate Yogurt Crumble. It's satisfies my sweet tooth and the texture is smooth and pleasant. The bits of biscuit crumble inside makes it even enjoyable. Their cakes are all of pretty high quality too, so you're definitely paying for what they're worth. I love their lasagna as well and their pasta is satisfactory.

This is one of the few places where I've enjoyed the full range of food from (pasta, cake, pastry). It is also extremely convenient as the food is stored in plastic containers in large refrigerators. While it is a little pricey, the quality of the food is definitely worth it.

One more thing about getting takeaways from Gastronomia? You'd be spoilt for choice.

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Good quality, but a little pricey

Can I start by talking about their amazing takeaways? I was very surprised by the quality of the food for takeaways.

I especially like the lasagna, which is good for nights I do not have dinner. One box of that is good for two meals. I've also tried the tiramisu, which I'm partial to. It could have been denser and more flavourful. Overall, I think it is a little pricey for food from a plastic containers, but quite reasonable for its quality.

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Gourmet for Takeaway

One thing that Gastronomia accomplishes better than anyone else is their takeaway concept. At the branch I frequent in Bukit Timah, the first thing you see when you step in is countless plastic tubs of salads, pastas, soups and even desserts stored in gigantic fridges, ready to be brought home immediately.

The staff will help you to heat the food should you want to, so there is also the option of dining there. I would definitely recommend this, as the quiet, calming and almost Parisian-like atmosphere of the place provides for a very pleasant meal.

Taste-wise, the food is delicious. I've only ever eaten a pasta, cake and pastry from there and every single item tasted heavenly. The only thing would be the price - the average plastic tub costs about $8 to $10. But hey, the convenience is pretty worth it.

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Yum yum cakes

Just 1 scoop of their chocolate cake and I was entirely bought over. Do NOT look down on the slice of cake in a plastic tub, looks can be deceiving and the plastic tub is home to a piece of delectable, rich chocolate and milk cheesecake that is very obviously sinful.

The berry panna cotta that I tried was nothing short of fantastic as well. Although it does not taste like the usual panna cotta served in Italian restaurants and similarly to their cakes, is served in a tub, the panna cotta was light and refreshing. The berries were very fresh, they were not artificially sweetened and were sour and interestingly the sourness of the berries complemented the custard very well.

The desserts are generally pricey though with most cakes being priced above $7.50. And I honestly would have preferred a better more exquisite packaging for the desserts.

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Takeaway deserts in tubs!

What attracted me to this was their takeaway counters selling monster sized cakes and pastries in their display cases. I've bought quite a few of their cakes back and food. Personally I thought I feel that their cakes aren't too expensive as compared to ones you find other places- a small slice for 6 to 7 bucks. The cakes were filled a whole square shaped plastic container with their logo pasted on the front.

I've tried their all day breakfast before and got the American breakfast. The sausages served were rather tough and hard to cut through even with a sharp knife. There was the fear that we would have flying dogs which wouldn't be very nice isn't it?

My favorite pastry would be their croissant which was priced at 3 bucks per piece but is easily x2 the size of normal ones. The tops were crusted with a layer of sugar, gleaming under the spotlights. Similarly, all their other pastries were HUGE. Their scones were palm sized. Definitely share I say.

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Come for the meringues

And nothing else.

This place looks like absolutely loyalty and a calorie counter overloader so I wouldn't have stopped by if I hadn't seen their lovely display of meringues.

I have had the longest craving and here it was, sitting amongst extravagantly decorated cupcakes and miscellaneous pastries, looking all humble and ready to be eaten. And so I did.

It was delish. Meringues are quite idiot-proof but this one tasted fluffier than the rest. Maybe it's my craving that heightened my senses but my god it hit the spot sweetly. I liked the flavours they mixed it. Never knew it could come together like that. And the ambiance of the place was sheer class. I was the dining royalty for a day.

I would come here for pseudo high tea one day but there is really nothing much else I'd try so, it's your call!

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Takeaway Restaurant

I definitely felt that this shop was for the upper class when I entered. The foods were decorated exquisitely, and even the packaged food looked like a restaurant dish. However, the prices were quite affordable for those who could spend a little more, and after trying the smoked salmon pizza, tiramisu and pasta salad, I feel the food is very much value for money.

Perhaps one improvement they could make in my opinion is to be more eat here friendly, as they sell a lot of their food to be takeaway friendly, even the cakes and salads are packaged in disposable containers. With the restaurant quality food and value for money trait, this is one place I would definitely frequent.

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Good enough for me to get cravings

Love that they have microwavable meals that you can take home and store! I tried the cannelloni with spinach and the beef lasagna (which I literally took from a fridge for them to heat up), and I would definitely recommend others to try their food out.

For such good quality they could mark up their prices, but I like how they sell the idea of ready-to-eat meals that are both good and affordable. There is no staff that pressurizes you to buy anything, and I liked that I was able to take my time deciding what I wanted to eat while still feeling comfortable enough to just leave the store should I have not found anything.

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lovely array of desserts

I simply LOVE staring at the desserts on display in Da Paolo Gastronomia. They are all made with mouth-watering ingredients and the descriptions make them sound so decadent and such a luxury to eat. Coming in large portions as well, one can share with friends and family in order to try more flavours.

Serving all sorts of interesting pastas (e.g. hello kitty shaped!), sauces, desserts and salad ingredients, the cafe is a popular place for takeaways. I tried the chocolate banana tart, tiramisu as well as the white chocolate cake and I have to say that they were all amazing. My friends and I were so spoiled for choice and were trying to make the best choice. But I think that no matter what we chose, we would not have regretted it anyway!

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