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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on May 03, 2012    

IR Design is a one man company led by Roy Tan. His office located in Balistier at the heart of many furniture and decor services and he specializes in interior design and renovation. He is very popular on which is Singapore's leading renovation website and depends mostly on positive word of mouth from satisfied clients with hardly any advertising or marketing being done at all.


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(Updated: February 04, 2013)

He built our dream home!

Roy Tan is the reason I loved my renovation and my current home. I wrote a full review with pictures that you can see as a blog here:

Roy provided us with:

Complete trust and sincerity. At no time did I feel pressured or like I was paying for some hidden cost. Yes we were newbies like most people doing renovation are so its important IMO to have trust in your interior designer. And although I did have to pay slightly more in the end of around 1K+ for extra charges, when I looked at the bill they seemed like very valid and reasonable requests for extra materials used.

Excellent recommendations. He gave us valuable advice based on his past experience, like what tile color/texture would match with what, and what wall color themes / point walls would suit the house and at the same time given us total freedom to choose what he wanted. Most importantly he was SPOT ON in all his advice and the house turned out looking great largely due to this suggestions. A great example of this is the "point wall" bathroom we requested and the bedroom point walls. He also had quality workers who did a great job. He also advised me to replace the window frames which I stupidly thought was unnecessarily as I wanted to save money. I was stubborn and didn't listen to him and thats my biggest regret and now just have to use blinds to cover it lol.

Nice subtle extra touches. He did lots of touch ups and threw in a lot of "extras" like for example, the door you see was carved with extra lines to look better and the gate chosen was more unique than the usual ones you see. Apparently he does this for his other clients as well which is a really nice touch and our renovation felt extra special. He also tried to bring to life whatever we wanted, like for instance the combined toliet with the basin outside and the bar top counter for the kitchen.

Went the extra mile. There was a lot of stuff he did for us for free, like he boxed up the pipes at the top which were very unsightly and not included in the original proposal. He also extended the kitchen cabinet area for us by quite a bit just so it looked better and he helped us install all the Ikea stuff multiple times.

Excellent after service. Even coming back to help us install stuff like the water pipe to the fridge and do some miscellaneous touch ups.

No pressure at all, he only collected final payment 2 MONTHS after we moved in and were sure we were happy with everything.

Once again, thank you Roy for doing such a phenomenal job. I would rate him 10/10. I am extremely happy with his service and the work he has done, and will recommend them to anyone looking for renovation for their dream home.

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