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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 13, 2012    

AIA is an insurance company that has been serving Singaporeans since 1931 and it still maintains a strong presence today. AIA has won multiple awards such as: World Finance Insurance Company of the year Singapore, 2011; Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand (Gold Award) from 2004 – 2012; Employee Insurance Provider Of The Year award by Human Resources Magazine from 2006 – 2011.


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(Updated: July 10, 2013)

Keep Up The Good Work!

I enjoy working with many of the AIA financial planners. The ones that I encounter are friendly, courteous and polite. Most importantly, they are not pushy like other insurance companies.

My personal insurance agent also provides excellent after sales service. He advises me on many agendas with accurate and detailed information. I believe, this is good up-bringing and influence of AIA on their financial professionals.

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They got me worried

During the most recent financial crisis, AIA seemed to be a company also having problems financially. I was really worried then because I had quite a few policies with AIA.

I was relieved that the troubles from the main company did not affect the AIA company in Singapore. AIA was also proactive in sending out letters to inform us that the problems with the main company will not affect the operations of the company in Singapore.

My AIA agents also called me to assure me that all my money will be safe and they will still continue to be with the company and I will still be able to look for them if I have any enquiries with my insurance policies. Both the written and verbal assurance gave me some comfort.

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Good agents, mediocre products.

There is something about AIA agents other companies could pick up on. They always seem to go the extra mile to show the customer appreciation. Birthday wishes, anniversary wishes, etc... All these are relatively unheard of in other companies' agents! I have come to respect their agents who take a genuine interest in their clients after the transaction is completed.

However, their plans are a letdown. They don't come with the perks used to attract potential customers. nor do they have the same financial perks that other companies give out when you reach a certain point in your plans.

I feel maybe this could be something they could look into.

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Quality advice for personal protection

Previous insurance agents from other companies have always come across as pushy, loud and tend to hardsell policies without giving much thought to what the client's needs are.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Iris Tan and her son, Charles Luo, from AIA, when I mentioned to a friend that I was keen in getting a couple of policies as I had no insurance at that point in time. My experience with them was very different from previous experiences, as I felt that the services rendered and advice given was well thought out and neither of them pushed me to make a decision at the first meeting. It was only during subsequent meetings that I agreed to purchase the plans from them after working out my personal finances and budgets.

In the end, I purchased a hospitalization plan for myself, as well as an accident and life plan.

For pet lovers, this is probably a good time to mention that AIA also has insurance that covers your four-legged friend (how cute!). Not too sure what the terms and conditions are, but I remember Iris and Charles mentioning that the dog must be under a certain age in order for it to be insured.

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