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J.X. Young manufactures and stocks a diverse range of Violins, Violas, Cellos, Bass, Ukelele, Acoustic Guitars and Classical Guitars.

In addition to their core distribution business, their after sales service includes tonal adjustment and maintenance of their customers' instruments.  Their restoration services include cutting of violin bridges, sound post adjustment and bow rehair.

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10 am to 12pm Daily (by appointment only); 12pm to 930pm daily

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(Updated: August 10, 2014)

Excellent Sales Service, Horrifying Setup and Repair Service

This store sells low-cost made-in-China guitars, ukuleles and violins. Some are of China brands, the others are either rejects or knockoffs of more famous brands known for their quality control. The store is manned by a man and a lady. I patronised this shop twice and I had vastly different experiences both times.

The first time I visited, I was looking for a hard case for my soprano ukulele. The lady was manning the store and she was extremely helpful. She took out 3 soprano ukulele hard cases, all with different designs and sizes, and let me examine them closely. This took quite a long while and the lady was very patient. Eventually, I decided on a classic-looking black hard case as I felt it was of the best quality among the three and also one that fit my uke best. The lady then cleaned the hard case using a leather cleaner until it shone beautifully. She then wrapped the case carefully in a clear plastic bag, and then covered them in another large plastic carrier bag. These plastic bags are extremely useful as they serve as 'raincoats' for my other ukulele gig bags if I ever get caught in a rain. The service was excellent. The lady also informed me that they do setup and repair services for ukuleles at a very low price.

The second time I patronised the store I brought two high-end ukuleles along. Both had some problems. This time, the man was at the store. Apparently, he was the technician who does all the setups and repairs of musical instruments. After he tested both ukuleles, he immediately said that they needed to be setup properly.

To cut a long story short, the end result was my two ukuleles were very much worse off after his 'set up'. I had to send one back to the manufacturer, and the other suffered permanent cosmetic damage to the headstock and required a few hundred dollars to repair the 'set up'. The technician had no clue, no understanding on the needs of a uke player. At his skill level, he should apprentice himself to a skilled luthier to learn his trade rather than to unleash his horrors upon some unsuspecting owners' musical instruments.

So, after my experiences, I can only recommend the following

1) For the instruments, they are low-cost, and might be good for the beach or travel. However, I do not know whether the instruments have intonation problems.

2) For cases, they are cheap, and there should be no problem storing most instruments. However, if your instrument is high-end, you might wish to consider storing it in more expensive cases with better designs and made of better materials.

3) For setup and repair services, give them a wide berth.

I would have given this company a 5-star for the service from the lady. Unfortunately, her good service is tarnished by the gross incompetency of the technican, which reduces this to only a 2-star.

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