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#B1-40/41, Peninsula Shopping Complex 3 Coleman Street Singapore 179804
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Davis Guitar started in 1989 and has grown to become a major distributor and retailer of musical instruments in Singapore.

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Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 7:30 pm, Sun: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Not To Be Trusted, They Don't Stand Behind What They Sell

What does Davis value you as a customer? Apparently, less than $30.

I bought a pickguard for a 62 reissue Fender Strat from Davis; the pickguard holes were so far off you couldn't see half the body holes.

Took it back for a refund, they told me it was my fault.


You sold me a crappy overpriced product that isn't suited for its purpose and it's my fault for not bringing my guitar in to test first? Shame on me for trusting that you sell quality merchandise and stand behind it.

More damn ingle, this was from the owner, who should have more sense and regard for his customers.

I've dropped hundreds of dollars there, but damned if I give them another cent.

Buy from Davis at your own risk.

Avoid this place, they not only lack ethics, they lack common sense.

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Coleman Street
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(Updated: February 18, 2013)

My favourite guitar shop

Davis hold a special place in my heart. Located in the basement of "that shopping center next to funan", you are never going to just stumble upon it unless a friend in the know takes you there. And wow, the last time I was there a whole bunch of guitar shops have sprung up.

About 16 years ago (damnit I'm old) my friend brought me here when I was looking to pick up my very first guitar. It was a red and black colored acoustic guitar with the brand "vintage" and it only cost me $50! It lasted me for a good 12 years and I've shared so many memories with it! I finally had to dispose it 2 years ago much to the delight of my partner. Its age started to show and it was broken and unplayable but the sentimental me had kept it bringing it around from house to house.

I also bought my second guitar, a Gibson Epiphone for about $800 with my WCG prize money when I was 17. It was my biggest purchase with my own money back then. Why did I choose Davis? Well firstly they were significantly cheaper than any other guitar shop I have been to. I never liked Swee Lee because their prices seemed so much higher. The service was also good, back then I would be too shy to play anything and the shop owners (I think the owner's son and his wife) would play songs for us on the guitars to demonstrate its sound quality. He always played a classically picked version of "The Moon represents my heart" and it was beautiful to listen to.

I eventually even bought my Osan drumset from here too, for only about $500. Being a family business, the store owners themselves actually came over to my house to install it. I was eventually forced to sell it by my partner too cause it was "taking up space" :( Last year when she wanted to buy me a guitar for my birthday, my natural reaction was to go to Davis. Unfortunately it was closed so I just opted to go to another store in the adjacent shopping center connected as I was too excited to get my new guitar. I felt a bit bad for not waiting for a time for Davis to open. I wondered if they still remembered me. I rarely visit this place anymore but Davis will always have a special place in my heart.

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peninsula plazza
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