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Listing created by kh on September 29, 2012    

A store/school along Race Course Road that sells a wide range of ukuleles, which also at the same time provide lessons and workshops.

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Ukulele fans - this is the place for you!

A few weeks before my cousin left to further his studies abroad earlier this year, my sister and I decided to surprise him with something he’d always wanted – a ukulele. After reading several reviews on ukulele providers, we finally decided to check Ukulele Movement out.

Despite its rather obscure location (which took us quite a while to find!), our visit certainly proved to be a most fruitful one that far exceeded our expectations.

Upon entering the quaint, brightly lit store, we were greeted by an overwhelming array of ukuleles in all shapes, sizes and colours, and the tuneful strums and laughter from the staff, who were having a light-hearted jam session.

Though our absolute cluelessness about ukuleles had us a little concerned initially, our apprehensions were soon replaced by a new-found interest in the instrument, as the extremely friendly and enthusiastic staff walked us through the technical details of how to choose a good instrument and even some strumming basics. We were surprised to find several instruments well within our (rather tight) budget, and after some deliberation, eventually decided on a lime-green one, to match our cousin’s eccentric personality. The ukulele also came with a pick and gigbag, much to our delight.

Overall, Ukulele Movement is definitely a place I would recommend to existing and aspiring ukulele players, whether to get a new instrument, or just to be inspired.

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Great Service At A Ukulele Lover’s Haven

Step into Ukulele Movement and expect your knowledge of these tiny musical instruments to expand. More than a hundred ukuleles line the walls of this humble establishment - you’ll simply be blown away by the sheer number.

What I especially love about UM is the highly accommodating service by staff members who make it their life’s duty to explain the minor differences between a soprano and concert ukulele. I remember purchasing my own ukulele and having one of the friendly staff members teach me strumming patterns on the spot. He even stuck my instrument stickers for me! I came out of the shop excited to begin my ukulele journey with the new uke wisdom I had received.

Having moved to a new location at Race Course Road, it is definitely more accessible by MRT than their previous store at Kallang. No problem, UM has a downstairs cafe open for customers or random passers-by.

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Great place for ukulele lovers

Before getting my tenor ukulele which I really love (more mellow, less cutesy!!), I was just playing on a soprano ukulele, the kind where you can get for a cheap price at Peninsula Plaza. My ukulele-playing friend suggested Ukulele Movement when I told her that I wanted to get a proper tenor ukulele! The name itself sounded professional, like if they are ONLY dealing with ukuleles, they must know their stuff damn well right? So I headed down to their store which is unfortunately very inaccessible but if you are familiar with Loysel's Toys, it somewhere around there.

Upon entering the shop, I see lots of ukuleles lined up neatly against the wall. The store is bright, well-lit, clean and extremely spacious so the ukuleles really stand out!! The man in the shop was very friendly and immediately asked if I needed any help. He asked for my experience with ukuleles, my budget and what I'm looking for. So I told him and he took some ukuleles for me to choose from. He even performed with the ukuleles and told me the differences and all the little details about the ukuleles. I walked away with a tenor ukulele and a soft carry case which is really well-made and sturdy despite it being a soft case. For the price I paid ($250+), I think it's a great deal because the case is included.

If you're a ukulele beginner, they have lessons for you as well. It's a one-stop station for all your ukulele needs and wants! For the intermediate and advanced players, if you are looking to upgrade your instrument or diversify your ukulele collection, this is definitely the place to visit. Highly recommended!!

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Ukuleles Lining Walls

Looking at my own little collection of ukuleles and guitars, they always remind me of my experience at Ukulele movement. There was a period of time where I was so obsessed with getting a ukulele that my friends (two different batches) surprised me with ukuleles on my birthday - one of which was from Ukulele movement.

Entering the shop was like entering the showroom of my dreams, the walls were lined with ukulele wall stands, each holding and promoting a different ukulele. Yet, what appealed to me the most was the blue Ohana Ukulele. There was something about the midnight blue of the ukulele that drew me towards the wall stand holding it. Upon playing it, I was immensely happy with the richness of the tone and the vibrancy of the sound. While other ukulele I've tried sounded too toy-like to be taken seriously as an instrument, this little coloured sapphire was a gem. The sound resonated through the showroom and immediately, I was sworn to ownership of this ukulele.

The other ukuleles were of similar quality as well - the sounds were bright and loud.

Not long after after my purchase, however, the tuning knob of my ukulele fell out. Fortunately, I was covered with a 1 year warranty from the shop, which allowed for a speedy repair of my little sapphire.

Thank you Ukulele Movement, you've never failed to give me a positive experience whenever I go into your shop!

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Little India
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Lovely place

I love everything about Ukuelele Movement apart from the long walk from the MRT if you're traveling via public transport. If you're taking a cab or driving there you should be fine.

The place is very spacious and relaxed. I was actually there for their opening ceremony and even then the crowd was not overpowering. There are also a wide range of ukuleles to choose from and you're extremely welcomed to try each and every single one of them.

I've been there on several occasions and every time I've been there the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I went with my friend once to help her find a ukulele that she liked and the employees never lost patience with her despite her indecisiveness.

There is even a really cool credit system when you are a member and I've got some of my stuff free thanks to the credits I have collated from my previous visits.

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(Updated: February 03, 2014)

Uke Kingdom!

Ask anyone in the know where to buy a ukulele, they'll definitely point you to Ukulele Movement. Ukulele Movement specialises only in ukuleles and ukulele accessories, dvds and books. They also conduct ukulele courses based on your skill level.

Walking into the store is like walking into a candy shop of ukuleles! The store stocks many well-known brands like Ohana (my favourite!), Kamoa, Kala, Mainland, Pono, Leho, Anuenue, Makala, and so on. Even the very famous and prestigious (and expensive!) Koaloha brand is there!

The staff are friendly and helpful and do a great job in recommending a suitable ukulele to you based on your budget. I learnt one thing: To select a ukulele that is suitable for you, first, you need to play it to make sure you're comfortable with the instrument and it sounds great to you. Once you've decided that you like it, ask the staff to play it for you. Chances are, the staff can play better than you and also as a listener, you hear the uke differently than when you're a player (because as a listener you are facing the uke but as a player the uke is facing away from you.)

I went there on the first day of their year-end sale and something funny happened. I fell in love with an Ohana soprano. I quickly requested the remaining new unit to be reserved at the cashier. Then I played with a Kamoa grand concert. I made some queries about the Kamoa grand concert and the staff ended up holding the uke while explaining some concepts to me. In the middle of our conversation, a musician named Rick Price stepped into the store. (For the uninitiated, Rick Price was the composer and the performer for the hit song Only Heaven Knows.) The staff forgot all about me, and, while still holding the Kamoa grand concert, walked up quickly to greet Rick Price. The staff wasn't deliberately being rude, and there were more customers than staff at that time, so I wasn't angry but instead was amused. I then walked out with my Ohana soprano, very happy with my purchase. No hard feelings about the Kamoa grand concert because I prefer my Ohana soprano anyway :-) So, if you want personal attention from the staff, avoid the sale period!

Usually the most popular ukes sell out fast, so if you want it, don't wait for any sale. Buy it asap!

Update 03/02/2014: Had been playing with my Ohana soprano for some time when I realised I encountered difficulty playing one particular chord. Practised playing that chord for 5 days before I realised that the reason I couldn't play the chord was not because of my lack of skill, but due to a setup problem. When I approached Ukulele Movement for a free setup, I was informed that they don't do them. In the end, I had to pay Maestro Guitars $40 to do a proper setup on my uke. Seriously unhappy about UM's lack of service in this area. I was not their only customer who had this problem--some of their other customers also encountered difficulty in playing their ukes due to setup problems. Setup service should be a basic service provided by ukulele shops, and should be included in their 1-yr warranty for their ukuleles. Overall rating reduced to 3 stars due to lack of service in this area.

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Best Part:
Ukuleles, of course!
Branch Location:
TURE Building
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So many ukuleles to choose from!

Ukulele movement is not only a shop that sells ukuleles but they also offer lessons and workshops teaching you how to play a ukulele, from the very basics to pop trendy songs!

The building, where the shop is located in, may be difficult to find. But once you’re in there, it actually looks like a little living room that gives off a friendly welcome atmosphere to customers! The products are neatly arranged. They offer a very wide range of ukuleles of various different brands. They also sell theory books, CDs and DVDs relating to ukulele.
Their website gives a detailed description on the products which I found it really useful and helpful for beginners or anyone who wants to get a ukulele they prefer. They also provided many other useful links.

I have purchase a ukulele which was on discount and is really happy with it, and it also comes along with a free gig bag. There is also a one year warranty for the ukulele I purchased. The staffs are friendly and they approach customers in a warm and polite manner as well.

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