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CRISTOFORI aims to provide a wide range of high quality and reliable musical instruments at the lowest prices so that everyone can afford to own a musical instrument for learning and playing music. CRISTOFORI has grown to become the largest piano company and music school in Singapore with a network of over 30 centres island-wide. Over the years, they have satisfied more than 60,000 piano customers and taught over a million students to play music.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

great service at reasonable price

I restrung my guitars at christofori, downtown east branch. Being slightly musically inclined, I looked at their pianos and guitars during my visit. I noticed the sound of their pianos were quite 'sharp' and 'clear', something I like.

The guitars sold there are of reasonable pricing. A basic acoustic guitar for about $150, good for entry-level guitarists.

Most importantly, the service given was really good. The person who restrung my guitar kindly told me there was a slight problem with my bridge, which might affect the sound quality. He recommended me a shop in peninsula where I could purchase a bridge at a cheap price. All I could say is their workers have good knowledge on what they're doing.

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Warehouse sale

I just bought an exam grade piano for my son during their warehouse sale. The location was really out of the way, an industrial building behind Changi Fire Station. When I arrived at the car park, I questioned myself, was I at the right place. I had never expected a music school such as Cristofori to have a place at an industrial location like that.

Anyway, I followed the address from the brochure and found the warehouse. The place was not too badly decorated, at least, it had a lounge area showing "Tom and Jerry" cartoons so the young can be entertained while the adults look around.

They have a great selections of new pianos and used piano on display. I understood why they needed such a location because with so many pianos to display, if they had rented a place in any shopping centres, I can imagine the cost of each piano. Each piano would have to be sold at a much higher price for them to just recover back the rental.

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Good school for some music.

I would recommend this music school as a place to learn an instrument. As compared to past experience at another music school, this place fared much better. They were organised and neat, and the schedules were all prim and proper unlike the previous school i went which was very unprofessional.

The teachers taught well and my teacher even extended the time for some of the lessons for me. The counter ladies were also well informed of the students' affairs, which i was really shocked. i have never really talked to them before and once when i stepped into the well air conditioned place, they called my name which really shocked me. I was like "How the hell did she know my name?!" eyes wide open and such.

That's really impressive i feel, for my name wasn't the only she remembered and judging by the large number of students they have.

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(Updated: December 14, 2012)

Good instrument quality

Let's talk about the instruments on sale first. I have purchased numerous instruments from christofori- a piano, a keyboard, a flute. I am extremely impressed with the flute. It is sterling silver and very easy to hold on to. I've tried using different flutes and this is one of the best because of its light weight and good sound quality.

When you play it, the sound is not as shrill compared to other flutes. However, what I hate about the flute is that the material requires extra care. You need to clean it more regularly than normal flutes to ensure that no mould forms.

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Both good and bad experience

I took piano lessons here when I was in primary school. I had two different teachers. The first one was great! She taught me fun and interesting songs that will appeal to children such as "The Mickey Mouse March". I had a lot of fun in her lessons, playing duets with her and learning music. However, my second teacher was a bad experience for me and it was because of her that I stopped learning piano. She often scolded me when I did not practice enough at home and made me cry on two occasions I remember. I was afraid of her and lied to my parents that I did not want to continue learning piano as I wanted to focus on secondary school.

The school fees are affordable and not expensive as well.

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Dedicated teachers, reasonable pricing

I used to take piano lessons from Christofori only because that was the only music school in my neighbourhood, but I do not regret it one bit. Christofori has a wide range of teachers to tend to each and everyone as well as to their varied needs and capabilities.

I remember that I was not very comfortable with the first teacher that I had the trial with because he kept speaking in Chinese, so my mother requested for a change of teacher and I asked for a specific teacher (my best friend was her student). The counter staff immediately arranged for it and I never looked back. She was really encouraging and patient with me.

The store also offers great promotions for their students such as the rental of the studios for practice and the discounts for instruments.

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Classical bliss

When I was a young kid, my parents sent me to Cristofori for basic piano lessons. It was here when I developed my love of classical music and an appreciation for the beauty of the piano/organ/keyboard.

Prices are at the market rate, and they are not particularly expensive. Truth be told, the most expensive and important part of taking up piano lessons, is the piano itself. That is why you can see a lot of children smiling and being happy whenever they come to the school - they are able to bang away at a real piano.

When I have a kid, I'll definitely send him/her for music lessons if he/she is interested. It may not necessarily be at Cristofori, but after my good experience, I don't see why not.

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Impressed by the good service!

Recently I had to purchase a piano book for my piano diploma exam. I walked into several shops and left empty handed as, for some strange reason, the book was out of stock in every single shop.

Disheartened, I walked into Crisofori, hoping that by some miracle, they'd have it. I was disappointed once more. However, this time, the receptionist offered to call the five nearest outlets and check if they had them. She then provided me with directions to each one of them. She did so without being asked and I was extremely grateful for her help.

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Wonderful teachers!

I joined Cristofori when I just started primary school to learn the piano. Since then, I can gladly say that because of Cristofori, I can the piano so much better and I can play in front of people without any problems. What I like best about them is their selection of teachers. In fact , I will always remember this piano teacher. Whenever he isn't having any students to teach, he will practice the piano in the dark! I was amazed and that spurred me on to practice really hard. My music teacher was very encouraging and patient with me at the same time.

Cristofori also provides theory lessons for those who wish to improve their reading of notes and music scales. There will also be exams to determine if you can go a grade higher. They also sell guitars, drums and many music accessories like guitar picks and music books. Thank you Cristofori.

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Bukit Panjang
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A Good Music School

I've always wanted to learn the guitar, so when I realized that Cristofori Music School had an outlet near where I live, I immediately signed up for lessons. The thing I like about Cristofori is that their locations are really convenient; near to MRT stations such as Bishan and Ang Mo Kio with their outlets at Junction 8 and Ang Mo Kio Hub.

My music teacher was great. I could tell him exactly what I wanted to learn and how I wanted to learn. There was no need for me to follow a disciplined regiment, since I did not want to take exams, but just play for fun. The lessons were laidback, and the teacher was extremely patient with me, so I had a great time. The service staff was also extremely helpful, they would call to remind me when payments were due, or when there was a holiday and I needed to reschedule my lesson. The prices for the lessons were quite reasonable, my teacher never missed a single one and was almost always on time.

Cristofori also provides group lessons for guitar and has lessons for other instruments too such as the piano. The school itself also sells some music books and guitars, although they're stock is very limited as compared to say, Yamaha.

The school is a good one, but it may not be for everyone. It seems to focus alot more on classical piano and guitar. I think if you want to learn electric guitar you may be better off at another music school better suited for your taste!

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