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Famous for being located at Bras Basah Complex, Swee Lee provides music education and professional audio visual consultancy services. They have musical instruments and accessories, representing foreign brands of musical instruments such as Peavey, Roland, Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez, Tama, Pearl, Sabian, Premier, Laney, D’addario, Selmer Paris and Karl Hofner, amongst many others.

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Greatest deals in Singapore

Every musician would love to get a good deal for a high quality instrument. At Swee Lee, if you stay vigilant and look out for sales, especially year-end sales, you'll likely find a great deal for even the best instruments.

In 2010, I bought my Epiphone Les Paul Custom at a 50% discount, along with my Peavy Bandit 112 (which was highly discounted as well). Other than instruments, Swee Lee sells a variety of accessories for guitars, basses, drums, percussions, pianos, recording equipment, violins, wind instruments, mandolins, ukeleles. The list goes on and on.

You might want to do some research before deciding to buy a new guitar or invest in a drum set, but keep a look out for any Swee Lee sales in the newspapers. Better yet, subscribe to their emailing list, and you'll get the information with ease.

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great for accessories

Swee Lee definitely has a wider variety of music accessories than other larger retailers like Yamaha, and they are also slightly cheaper than Yamaha's items. I'll just say this - go to Swee Lee for accessories like metronomes (digital and non-digital), but go to Yamaha for musical instruments by themselves.

Swee Lee's location at Bras Basah might be a little inconvenient for some, because they will have to travel all the way down to the central area just to get what they want; whilst Yamaha has many outlets which might be located at a nearer, more convenient place. My advice would be to just go down to Swee Lee - you definitely will not regret travelling down because you have a wider variety of items to choose from, which helps you to make a more informed decision.

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Good selection, but go in well-informed

Swee Lee has been around for what seems like forever. Their shop at Bras Basah has a large selection, and I'd hear tell that their Sims Drive showroom was even bigger, though I've never been there.

I walked into Swee Lee wanting to purchase my first electric guitar. However, I received very little to no help. The staff were all minding their own business, and no one seemed to notice a person who was lost in the huge selection. I already had an idea of what I wanted, but prices were on the high side. I approached one of the staff, and then he bounced me over to his colleague, and his colleague told me to wait a little. It seems that they jack up their prices, and then when you try to leave, they offer you a 'discount'.

I did not buy my electric guitar there.

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Huge selection
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Huge Music Shop

Swee Lee is the first name on everyone's lips when you ask them where to find good-quality music equipment. Swee Lee was where I bought my first guitar, a Squier Stratocaster for $200. It was also where I bought my current bass, an Epiphone Viola, at a Swee Lee Warehouse Sale for just $500.

For beginners to Music, I would recommend Swee Lee to begin your hunt for music equipment, especially at their sales. They also stock more high-end equipment such as Gibson guitars, but you would probably find the same at stores in Peninsula.

My only gripe is the service, who are not very approachable.

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Good and Bad

Swee Lee carries a lot of things. From cables, guitars, bass, silent guitars, remakes, classics.

One thing though, their staff are really not approachable. They are mostly busy doing their own stuff, which makes approaching them difficult and frustrating.

Also, the cheaper things like guitar strings and stuffs, they tend to jack the prices up for these items. It's really cheaper going to peninsula plaza where they would offer you wholesale prices.

Swee Lee is good for one thing though, expensive and branded instruments. They're probably the only few in Singapore that sells Gibsons Les Pauls.

Still, it's good having a look around and touching all the amazing guitars and basses they have.

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Found My Dream Bass Guitar At Swee Lee!

I was looking around for so long trying to find the ESP Bass Guiatr ESP RF-00 that was used by Reita which was the bassist of Japanese Visual Kei : The Gazette. Till i try my luck at Swee Lee. When i step into the store i was amazed by the outputs of all instruments such as guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers etc.

I approached one of the workers there about the bass guitar that i was looking for, and I found it! It was almost like a dream come true to me, when i can finally manage to get the bass guitar that I have wanted for so long which was used by one of the best musician in Japan. However I find it odd when most of the retail assistant and workers were actually working without an office and just have their PC and cashier set up in the middle of the store of Swee Lee.

They didn't really approach me, and when I ask them about the things that I am looking for, they only directed me instead of bringing to the area to look for the stuffs that I wanted, I didn't really bothered about that on that day as I was more then glad to be able to find the Bass Guitar that I was looking for on that day. Probably they should really improve more on their customer services.

I also manage to get a bargain and discount for the bass guitar and amplifier at a special price as I told them that the bass guitar was kinda over-priced at $6120 and $450 for the amplifier, and i manage to buy both of it at only $6200! That was the best things that was to be offered at Swee Lee!

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