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Katrina Holdings Private Limited (KATRINA) was established since 1993. Its first concept restaurant, BALIthai opened in 1998, offers perennial favourites of both Indonesia and Thai cuisines.

Additional Details:

Opening Hours:
1130am - 10pm
Avg Price:
  • $10-$20
  • $20-30
List of Outlets:
West Mall
1 Bukit Batok Central link
Singapore 658713

Tel: (65) 6898 9188

Opening Hours:
Daily 11.30am - 3.00pm
6.00pm - 10.00pm

IMM Building
2 Jurong East St 21
Singapore 609601

Tel: (65) 6560 5660

Opening Hours:
Daily 11.30am - 10.00pm

Suntec City Mall
6 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Tel: (65) 6338 2066

Opening Hours:
Daily 11.30am - 3.00pm
6.00pm - 10.00pm

Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
Singapore 529510

Tel: (65) 6787 1500

Novena Square
238 Thomson Road
Singapore 307683

Tel: (65) 6256 0021

23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083

Tel: (65) 6634 4633


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Thai Food!!

Bali Thai serves, as the name suggests, Thai food. While it has a few outlets and could be considered to be rather “commercialized”, their food items taste really authentic. I have visited Bangkok a couple of times and the food at Bali Thai is a close competitor! I’ve visited the outlet at NEX before and remember queuing for 20 minutes to get in. However, I dont think the restaurant accepts reservations.

My favourite dish is their Pad Thai as well as Tauhu Goreng. The spices in their Pad thai brought out the correct flavours while their Tahu Goreng sauce had a generous serving of peanuts - which i love! Also, the thai milk tea served was pretty impressive! However, our smiles waned a little when we saw the bill - it was slightly pricey. On the whole, the food and service are great! But price wise, not so...

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Love it although consider the cost

I occasionally eat at West Mall's Bali Thai and I love it. The place is very soothing: I love the dark colours and the dim lights, which actually gives the place a kind of simple serenity.

The food is not bad. I do not think that it is authetic but it still serves to delight the tastebuds The curries and appetizers are really nice so do add those in. This restaurant is best suited for those with a spice tongue, because the best foods here are usually spicy,

The service is not bad, but Bali Thai does tend to hire alot of part-time student waiters, so you'll get quite a number of inexperienced ones serving you.

Unfortunately, the price is very hefty! I tend to order side dishes along with the main plus drinks so everything will add up to cost a huge dollar bomb! Go to Bali Thai once in a blue moon!

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Dining experience was alright, but a little pricey

I'm not exactly a fan of Thai cuisine but having heard so much about Bali Thai, I decided to give it a try. I have to admit that the restaurant's setting was simply cozy and the staff from the Philippines in the Serangoon Nex Shopping Mall outlet never fails to greet us so politely, that I can't help but feel a little ashamed of the sad fact that our fellow Singaporean may not be able to do the job so well.

All was well until I started looking through their menu, and I found their dishes to be on the higher end. But well, I thought that it was no harm trying. When our orders arrived after much waiting, we were rather surprised at its small serving. Well, the Sambal Kangkong we ordered that was served looked rather pathetic.

I would say that the food was rich and I love the Tom Yum Seafood. The ingredients were really fresh and the soup was appetizing. Oh yes, and not forgetting the Thai Fish Cakes!

Overall, the dining experience was alright but if you are looking for somewhere that's more reasonably-priced, you can consider Thai Express.

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First and Last

I tried Bali Thai once only, and I promise myself it would be the last. The food there is pricey and the Tauhu goreng served was sad and droopy... The noodles I tried was tasteless, though I also have myself to blame for having a preference for stronger taste. Friend and I skipped the dessert which we originally wanted.

However having read the other reviews I wonder if it is just the branch at Westmall that is not as good. It's always quiet and bored.
Maybe, I should give it another try elsewhere.

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Great tofu

Bali Thai is a little pricey but their portions are big and definitely tasty. One can easily share with a friend to make their money worthwhile. The atmosphere is also rather bali-ish with it's dim lighting and teak furniture. The staff are also really polite and hospitable just as you'd expect in bali.

I would really recommend everyone to try their tauhu goring which was so delicious. The deep fried tofu was so crispy while the inside was just the right texture and consistency. The sauce really complemented the tofu as well and the large portion made it feel so value for money. Their thai rice was really fragrant as well, with each grain cooked to fullness and separated from each other. All the other dishes we ordered were really well done as well so basically I have nothing to complain about this place other than us over ordering as we did not know the portions were so big! Be warned!

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Try the mango/durian rice pudding!

Bali Thai provides good quality Thai/Balinese food far superior than most places claiming its adherence towards authentic Thai/Balinese cooking in Singapore. My family and I went to the Tampines Branch and I don’t know whether it’s because of the lack of people or not but the staff were very friendly and competent. The manager even took the time to ask us how the meal was.

You ought to give the Mango or Durian rice pudding a try. The sweetness of the Mango or Durian goes very well with the rich texture of the rice pudding drizzled with a little condensed milk. It’s not overly sweet like other places and the rice is compact and does not fall apart easily. My favourite is also the Green Curry Chicken. It’s not too spicy with enough coconut milk to give it a smooth, frothy texture. The prices may be a little pricey for students but it makes for a good family hang-out place.

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Good Food There!

Compared to below average Thai food stores that can be found all around Singapore, Bali Thai is one of the few stores that actually serves decent food that is somewhat close to how Thai food should be. Their interior decoration also ranks them towards the classier end of the F&B industry. Their theme is rather dark, makes me feel like I'm in a Thai forest or at a beach at night. They have a wide variety of food to choose from and while you wait, they serves you peanut. ( Because it actually takes quite long for the food to arrive.) Not only that, they serves Indonesian food as well! Bali Thai gives you the chance to enjoy both cuisines without having to leave Singapore.

Price wise, Bali Thai would not be on the cheaper end. However, compared to stores like Thai Express, ( Which costs just as much) I'd go to Bali Thai any day!

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Bali Thai- You Better Try!

Ever wondered what the fusion of Indonesia and Thailand’s food cultures would produce? Yep you guessed it- Bali Thai! Seats at the restaurant are coveted for the opportunity to savor both Indonesian and Thai delights from the Chicken satay and Gado-gado, to the Pad Thai Noodles; I personally vouch for goodness of the barbequed chicken (Ayam Panggang) which makes that hole in your pocket worth it!

The Ayam Panggang really gives a very rich chicken flavor as it is well marinated with the sweet barbeque sauce. And after you have finished eating it, the taste simply lingers in your mouth! The Ayam Panggang also goes well with the fragrant Thai rice when eating with the other side dishes. Appetizers such as the keropok are also available, Keropok Udang (prawn crackers) being my favourite. The satays on the other hand are also not too dry, and it is served with a thick sauce. Yummy!

Service wise, the waiters are generally polite, though I feel the restaurant could employ more English-speaking waiters. There was this time when I clearly asked for napkins, and they came back with the menu! Though it was an honest mistake due to lack of understanding, this could really affect the image of the restaurant in the long run.

Finding the restaurant is easy, there is one in Tampines mall and it’s not so crowded too. Nonetheless, Bali Thai is quite a viable option to hang out and try culture-rich food!

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Better service required!

A group of my friends and I reserved a table for dinner some time back. And it was a rather late reservation. To my amazement, they managed to compromise and provided us with a spot in the restaurant (It was a group of 16 people, mind you).

The service was just average, and there were missing ice waters not served to some of my friends, and lack of cutleries as well until upon request. The staff had no smiles on their faces whatsoever, and just did their jobs like as though they were on autopilot mode.

The ambience was cozy, and we were placed right next to the entrance/exit door. Understandably being a big group, we were rather loud (or rowdy, I might say). It’s amazing how the song that was initially playing softly in the background started getting louder as time pass. And the staffs were also a little bit too efficient – they clear up plates really quickly, and with that, remove out cutleries as well which we need to further enjoy the following dishes to come.

The food was average – the portions were great for the money we had to pay. We selected a set course meal for 15pax, so it was definitely enough food to go around for everyone. The Tom Yam is definitely the best, and so is the mango salad! I didn’t favor the green curry as it was way too spicy to palate it. I do like how the food is nicely arranged and served to make it look very appetizing.

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Thai Food

Bali Thai, a thai restaurant. There are various outlets in singapore and the weird thing is that different outlets have different dishes and taste varies.

The outlet i love the most is the one at ION mall. They have a menu that you can mix and match and choose your favourit
e combination. For example you can choose to have different types of noodles and different types of sources.

My favourite combination is fried Kuay Tiao with tom yum sauce. Of course there are many many more choices and it can be really difficult to decide!

The tom yum soup is also a must try at the ION mall. Its really delicious and really spicy.

I went with friends and we had different types of combinations and we shared them around and the experience is really pleasant. Plain ice water is constantly refilled and the service is great!

The expenses of food at ION mall outlet is really affordable and usually you can have a set meal within 15 dollars.

If you are in a mall and you see bali thai, go in and try out the food. Compare the various outlets and really then you will know how different each outlet is.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
tom yum soup
Branch Location:
Ion mall
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