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The Distinct Taste of Authentic Padang Cuisine Garuda, established in 1976, is the most successful and one of the largest Padang Cuisine restaurant chains in Indonesia. Today, in a partnership with TungLok Group, Garuda in Singapore is the only franchised Padang Cuisine restaurant outside Indonesia, offering nothing but the most authentic fare at two locations.

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Opening Hours:
11:30AM - 10:00PM
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Avg Price:
  • $20-30
  • $30-$50
List of Outlets:
Garuda Padang - VivoCity
VivoCity #B2-28
1 HarbourFront Walk
Singapore 098585

Tel : +65 6376 9595
Fax : +65 6376 9119

Daily Opening Hours
11:30AM - 10:00PM (Last order: 9:30PM)
(Including Chinese New Year & Public Holidays)
Garuda Padang - Far East Square
Far East Square #01-01
7-8 Amoy Street
Singapore 049949

Tel: +65 6536 4111
Fax: +65 6536 4222

Daily Opening Hours
11:30AM - 10:00PM (Last order: 9:30PM)
(Closed on Sundays)


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Quite good but it is not the place for Nasi Padang

My experience at Garuda at Vivo has been rather good, albeit with some limitations.

I think the food was not bad. The rice was fresh and steamy and the meats were well-seasoned and cooked. I liked the Ayam Penyet which was fried-well. The chilli was spicy and certainly very malay-style, which is authetic.

The service was good: no major flaw I can point out.

As for the value, hmmmm to that though. It is actually - in my opinion- very very overpriced. Heres why: if you really want good Nasi Padang, you will usually find good ones in local hawker stalls at a much cheaper price. Furthermore, the seats at Garuda were quite dirty; the place - in general- was not very clean.

Garuda is a good place, but my advice is that there are better places for Nasi padang.

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First and last visit

Dining at Garuda Padang Cuisine could be a totally new, different and unique experience. Here's why: as my friend and I entered the restaurant, we were welcomed by the staff and we were directed to our seats. Menu is avalable but we could go up to the counter and choose the ala carte food that we wish to order. 

We ordered the famous beef rendang, prawn sambal, daun singkong ( vegetable dish) , and ayam bumbu (chicken with seasoned crumbs). 
As for the beverage, we ordered Orange juices. 

The food came quite fast, around seven minutes after we ordered and back to our seats. The portion of the rice is quite little but we did mot really mind. All the dishes that we ordered have turned cold, except for the vegetable. The beef rendang is too oily and meat is too rubbery and hard to chew. The same thing happens to the chicken. The prawn sambal tastes not bad, not too spicy  and the prawns seem to be quite fresh. However, my overall dining experience is pretty bad. 

The bill came and it shocked us. We got charged almost $90 for these dishes. Yes, the prices of each dishes was shown in the counter but it is very misleading as the prices displayed are for each pieces meat, it doesnt go by plates or portions. 

That would be our first and last time dining in Garuda Padang Cuisine. 

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A new nasi Padang Experience ~

Come down to Orchard central, take the lift to level 7 and head to your extreme left- and you’re in for an exquisite Indonesian treat! Garuda Padang Cuisine offers your Nasi Padang favorites with an Indonesian twist. Though the prices are up a notch- you can be sure the quality is up the ranking as well.

Known for its Ayam Bumbu and Beef Rendang, these dishes are a must have for that Indonesian styled experience. The Ayam Bumbu is quite big and well fried- accompanied with its floss. The Beef Rendang is slightly spicy and the meat is slightly tough but can give that plain plate of rice a strong flavor.

Personally, my favorites are Sambal Cumi-cumi (sambal squid) and Sambal Udang petai (sambal prawns). Fried with sweet sambal, they are quite juicy and spicy, both dishes are cooked with green stink beans for a rich flavour and its antioxidant effects. Try eating both dishes with its Gulai Singkong, tapioca leaves in gravy which brings down the level of spiciness while meeting your vegetable intake needs.

There is also free flow of rice, Lime juice (after you bought the first glass at $4.50), ice water and warm water as well. Desserts-wise, they have steamed tapioca- a treat for that sweet tooth, and Estellar, an Indonesian dessert that has jackfruit, avocado and agar combined with crushed ice and rose syrup. A unique combination- it is not your typical Ice Kachang!

Garuda is perfect for both formal and informal gatherings, though it is advised to make reservations to ensure you get the number of seats as patrons can just fill up the place anytime. Overall, it is an interesting place for your lunch or dinner!

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A meal that spoils mood

During a gathering, my friends and I decided to have our dinner at VivoCity Garuda. At a heart warming environment, it gives us a feeling like having our meal at home. The menu is not really in use as it is always better to know what kind of food you are ordering. So we went to queue up and choose our dishes, if amy queries we can ask the service crews on the spot. After selecting our dishes, we are seated and the dishes are served to our tables with a plate of rice for everyone. We can smell the coming of the rice and I like the texture as it is moist and soft.

We've ordered many dishes for sharing and each of them have their own unique taste. Ayam Goreng Garuda (fried chicken with blue floss) aroma attracted our attention but much disappointment, it is not as good as we expected. The meat is dry and hard, probably left outside for too long and is overcooked. Rendang Sapi (beef rendang) texture is tough and the taste does not appeal me. Sambal Terong (eggplants in sambal and anchovies) is an oily dish but tastes not bad. The aroma from sambal and anchovies really add on a flavour for the bland eggplants. Gulai Kikil (beef tendons) is really tender and soft, one of the best dish among the worst. Sambal Udang Petai (sambal prawns) are dry and small in size.

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