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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 03, 2012    

Es Teler is a type of cold drink that consists of fresh fruits – jackfruit, avocado and coconut, with a special syrup mix that makes the drink superbly enjoyable and delicious. Es Teler 77 continues to grow by serving high quality food and drink products with original recipe to customers all around Indonesia and abroad by introduceing Indonesian delicacy to other countries.

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Affordable and delicious

Es Teler used to be my favourite eatery at Far East Plaza. Each time I visited I would order the grilled chicken rice with a glass of happy soda. I loved the happy soda. Cliched as this may sound, the happy soda really did make me, well, happy.

Was the food value for money? Definitely. The grilled chicken rice is similar to the one sold at the famous Indonesian stall at Plaza Singapura, but this one is a lot less overrated and overpriced for sure. Both tastes similar to each other, but I prefer this one simply because of the chilli.

Located at a quiet corner at Far East Plaza, this place attracts very few customers even during lunch/dinner time, which could be seen as a good thing for me since I hate having to wait a long time for my food. However, the last time I visited Far East Plaza, I couldn't find this eatery anymore... I'm guessing they've moved out due to the high rent and the fact that they just weren't attracting enough customers. If I remember correctly, they do have another outlet at City Plaza at Paya Lebar though, so I might just pay them a visit there the next time to have my favourite happy soda again!

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Affordable Halal Food

It can be really hard to find affordable food in town area and even harder to find halal food. So yesterday, I was searching for nice halal food around Orchard area to bring my Malay friend to, but Google wasn’t so helpful. The list I got was mostly fast food and she must be really bored of them already. So in the end, my friend brought me to this cosy little corner in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

My first impression of it is pretty much like other Indonesian eatery - homely.

The variety wasn’t a lot to choose from so we both ordered their minced chicken noodles. It was just a small serving of noodles with minced chicken and it feels like it could be prepared in seconds, which I think was the case. It was also a little salty for both of us and you might want to request for less salt if it’s possible. The good thing about it is their affordable price. A bowl of noodles and a cup of tea only cost you $6, in Orchard.

Unless I can find more halal restaurants or eatery in Orchard, I would definitely still go back with my Malay friends to try some of their other dishes. Perhaps to see if their es teler is as bad as what others said.

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(Updated: June 06, 2012)

Too far from what I expected.

I had tried so many kinds of es teler from all different restaurants, but Es Teler 77 is not up to what I expected from a great and tasty es teler. It was a big displease for me and my friends.

I had my first and last experience of eating this es teler in its outlet at Cineleisure Orchard.
The serving of each es teler is quite big, but don't be deceived by its quantity; to me, the quality is much more important. Here is what caused my dismay; the amounts of grass jelly, avocado and other fruits are so little and the syrup tasted way too sweet. Worse, the amount of shredded is just way too much that it looked more like ice kachang than es teler.

Obviously, I did not finish it and the price is quite expensive too. I was greatly disappointed at the es teler that I had. Before I visited this stall,I still expected a good treat of es teler with generous amount of grass jelly, fruits and the good syrup that a proper es teler should have.

I am definitely never going back to this stall because I would not want to be served another bowl of shredded ice. Once is enough.

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It is an authentic Indonesian restaurant located at Far East Plaza. They have other outlets in the eastern side of Singapore, if I am not wrong, it is at Lucky Plaza, the one near to Geylang Serai. The one at Far East Plaza has stopped its operation last year in 2011. The only place they left with is at Geylang area.

It is just a normal outdoor restaurant that serves authentic Indonesian food. I had Special Fried Rice and Avocado Milkshake. I like the special fried rice because it tasted different from normal fried rice. It is spicy but sadly, the ingredients such as prawns and squids and chickens, are very little. I think there are about two or three of them each. It is overloaded with rice but overall the taste is good. The most disappointed issue is the Avocado Milkshake. I could hardly taste the Avocado. It was mostly filled with milk, more like condensed milk. I told them that I couldn’t taste the Avocado. I was surprised to see their response. They said it is natural for Avocado to taste bitter. I told them I can only taste the condensed milk, it is not even sweet enough. All they did was to change the drink and add more syrup to it. I was very disappointed and left the place with the new drink barely half.

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