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Samy’s Curry was founded by the late Mr. M. Veerasamy, back in the 1950’s. Mr.Veerasamy, who himself was an excellent chef, is credited with the creation of some of the signature dishes like Chicken Masala, Fish Cutlet and Mysore Mutton.

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Great food in a great location

Samy's Curry is a great place for people looking for authentic Indian curry dishes and rice. The location at Dempsey Hill I went to was also great, atop a sunny hill with a open space concept. We sat at a little patio area outside next to greenery and the sounds of birds chirping, and somehow it was a very refreshing experience, and not too warm.

We had a rather large group dining together, so I was able to sample a greater variety of dishes, and every one was absolutely delicious. The curry fish head was a heady mix of curry spices done in a traditional Indian curry style, the pot chock full of sweet fish meat and vegetables. The mutton was flavourful and not done too tough, as was the tandoori chicken. These were all done traditional Indian style which involves a lot of seasoning sauces or spices, so it might be a bit salty for some. However it was all so tasty you can’t help but put aside all guilt over the unhealthy food and just eat with relish. The dishes go so well eaten with the white rice as well, served directly on an individual pandan leaf without a plate. I’m not sure of the names but the rice came with “side dishes” as well, like curry vegetables (dill?) and a creamy curry potato. These are all free flow. The Indian keropok (papadam) is definitely worth ordering to go with all these.

My friend commented that it’s better in terms of price and standard compared to its rivals like Muthu’s Curry. The service was also excellent, very attentive and the young Indian waiters even cheekily snuck into our photo when we were posing. Samy’s curry is definitely nice place for those who love their curry and Indian cuisine.

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