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57 Boat Quay Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 30, 2012    

Selling creative North Indian cuisine with impeccable service, they serve up food abiding to the kinara philosophy.

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(Updated: March 28, 2013)

Expensive, but a definite eye-opener.

I was involved in a group project regarding Indian cuisine and hence, at the recommendation of an Indian friend, my group and I decided to head over to Kinara for a taste of Indian food.

The restaurant opens at 6pm sharp, so don't bother going early - the staff will be busy preparing to open and no customer will be allowed into the restaurant. We were there half past five in the evening, and ended up having to walk around the pet shop opposite the restaurant until the clock struck six.

For drivers, parking can be an issue as there is limited parking space and traffic can get pretty congested. I recommend taking the MRT as it is a mere five minutes' walk from the restaurant.

Given the time we arrived at Kinara, we got a table easily and even got to choose where we wanted to sit. As it got later, however, people began to troop in - locals and tourists alike - so I believe it's pretty well-received by the public too. It's always heartening to see proof that a restaurant you're visiting for the first time is buzzing with diners.

The ambience and decor have been designed to give diners a glimpse into the Indian culture. As a sucker for cultural decor, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. The waitress who attended to us was extremely patient in waiting for us to decide on what we wanted for dinner. She even explained what most of the dishes are and recommended dishes to try based on what we preferred.

I can't quite remember the names of the dishes now (you'd understand why if you've seen their menu), but I do remember a few of my favourites - one of them being their (what I call) mutton curry. The mutton was tender and delectable, tasted like it was grilled before being cooked with the curry. The spice was acceptable for us, likewise the heat of the dish (I didn't even feel like the dish was hot). That said, however, there were others that were too spicy for my liking.

We also ordered the naan basket; the serving size was ample for four of us and the naan was perfect with all our curry dishes. I had half of the entire garlic naan (and could barely finish it). Don't get me wrong - it was nice and fragrant, but I've been watching my weight and half of it was more than enough for my minute appetite. I needed stomach space for the other dishes too.

There was also their tandoori chicken, which was just a bit too dry for me but my friends loved it. We also ordered what the waitress recommended as a popular Indian beverage - lassi. It was pretty much a yoghurt blended drink, and there were different flavours to choose from. We ordered the sweet lassi (we were not adventurous enough for the salted one), the strawberry lassi and the mango lassi. It tasted like your regular yoghurt drink, but thicker and more flavourful. A note though: people who don't like yoghurt much wouldn't enjoy this drink as much as others may - my friend didn't like it and I got to have his share as well.

In short, while I wouldn’t know if the food is authentic since I’ve never tried authentically cooked Indian cuisine, I believe it is a good place to start if you want to know more about Indian cuisine.

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