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238 Thomson Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 30, 2012    

At Curry times, they sell all things curry to suit the tastebuds of Singporeans. From curry fish head to prata, the dishes are all prepared masterfully.

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good food and ambience

Been to Curry Times a couple of times and I have to admit, the food is really good. The food is served in retro plates and bowls. Not a fan of curry and usually the last food item on list, I find myself polishing the whole serving! Thick curry gravy best goes with rice. The nonya mixed vegetables are simmered and with fantastic gravy.

The restaurant is usually full house during lunch hours with all the white collars flocking down from offices above. Hence, do expect delayed service. Had a relatively bad experience when we were seated and couldn’t get a service staff. Ultimately, we had to pick the menu personally.

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Makes Parents Smile

It's a place to make your parents, grandparents and old uncles and aunties happy. Their utensils, furniture and decor is like an old part of Singapore that parents went through. It was delightful to see the twinkle in my parents' eyes as they share their stories about how they lit their lamps and how they packed food in those large black baskets.

Food was excellent. They have old classic dishes and new reinvented dishes that were just as tasty. They work on the whole concept of using no coconut milk and fresh local chickens. Even though we're not known for any natural resources in Singapore, it's nice to know they are supporting our small farms here.

We were pleasantly greeted by lady that looked like what my mother's mom would dress like if she were to greet us in her cosy long house room.

It was a beautiful little glimpse of what home was like for my parents when we referred to home as really home and not just malls and planted trees.

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