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#B1-38 20 Upper Circular Road Singapore 058416
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The restaurant serves North Indian cuisine and has picked up several awards for its outstanding service and exquisite cuisine over the years.

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  • $10-$20
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Upper Circular Road
20 Upper Circular Road,
The Riverwalk #B1-38
Singapore 058416

Tel : +65 6536 0875
Fax : +65 6536 0876
Email : [email protected]
[email protected]

Landmark Village Hotel
Level 5, pool side
390 Victoria Street
Singapore 188061

Tel : +65 6297 6417, +65 6297 6517
Fax : +65 6297 5901
Email : [email protected]
[email protected]

Farrer Park
Blk 677 Rangoon Road,
#01-06 Singapore 210677

Tel : +65 6291 0275
Fax : +65 6291 0276
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Kohinoor Palace @ Singapore Khalsa Association
2 Tessensohn Road,
Singapore 217646

Tel : +65 6396 3951
Fax : +65 6396 3952
Email : [email protected]
[email protected]


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I visited Riverwalk Tandoor for dinner and enjoyed my experience there greatly. A tip for dinner is that if you come earlier at about 6pm, you can escape the bulk of the dinner crowd and have your meal in peace. They offer both buffet and ala-carte options. If you are relatively new to Indian cuisine, I suggest taking the buffet instead because they have a wide variety of dishes for you to try. I liked that the ala-carte options were attractively priced and there was a good serving size for about 3 people even though the portions looked way too small at first!

A must-try is their Tandoori Chicken. I got the half tandoori murg. It's a little bit on the spicy side and I took the chicken breast but surprisingly, it was not as tough or dry as expected. The wings and other parts of the chicken were definitely more succulent and tasty. Garlic naan was not bad although I would have preferred for the garlic taste to be slightly stronger. I also tried the yellow dhaal tadka which is made up of lentils. It's quite a light sort of vegetarian curry which went very well with the naan. The last dish I ordered was the mutton aloo masala which boasted of multiple chunks of mutton. There wasn't the familiar smell of mutton present and the meat was tender and juicy. Also a must try! The masala mix can also be used to dip with your naan.

Overall, Riverwalk Tandoor is an excellent place for Indian cuisine. They offer lunch as well which will not be as crowded as dinner time. Although I prefer having my meal in a quiet environment, the lively chatter of the dinner crowd is sometimes quite endearing. Definitely putting them on my list for Indian cuisine.

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Eat till you drop....

My MD was in a good mood after we won an award for the company, so the celebration was set to be held at Riverwalk Tandoor @ Rangoon Road.

We got to enjoy the buffet and at $18 per pax, it was very good value. I loved the naan and also the paneer makhani. There was also palak paneer that night. Later we had cuts of lamb and plenty of other food whose names I don't even know or remember.

One thing I did remember though was that the gulab jamun was sweet to point of being toxic. Eat with plenty of caution.

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To die for.

I've tried the Tandoori chicken here once, and its taste now haunts me even in my sleep.

I've always loved my poultry, and visits to KFC are a norm for me. Well this beats KFC and actually, well, any other chicken I've tried hands down.

The chicken served is marinated with, well, whatever they marinate Tandoori chicken with. Spices I guess, and herbs. I won't pretend to be a culinary connoisseur or a domestic goddess here. The chicken was cooked so beautifully, and it melted in my mouth with every bite, it was like a little slice of heaven in my mouth.

I've always wanted to try authentic naan bread since, well, the nearest I've ever gotten to it was the Bread Talk one. The naan bread here blew that far, far away. It was so delightfully good!

The prices here are also reasonable for the food, and the service is great! The friendly waiter that day even bothered to ask me whether I was satisfied with the food, which was really pleasant.

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Enter the doors of Riverwalk Tandoor!

So your tummy craves for chicken and you are sick of eating KFC or MacDonald’s- obviously you have to make your way to Riverwalk Tandoor! AN Indian based- restaurant, you will definitely not regret trying its Tandoori chicken!

What’s so great about the Tandoori chicken? For one thing, it is well marinated, whereby the spices are blended well and not leave a bad aftertaste. Furthermore the portions served are generous and complement a variety of other dishes that include muttons, prawns and fish. Don’t worry, they offer vegetarian alternatives too. They offer up to 3 vegetarian dishes to be served in one serving, which is satisfying. One of the dishes is the Naan, where you have butter, garlic or just the plain normal Naan. Personally my favorite is Cheese Naan as there is a somewhat sweet cheesy taste which works well when eaten with the Keema. Still the plain Naan is good by itself too.

Price wise, having to pay around $18 per person for a dinner buffet is indeed expensive but worth it as the quality does match the pricing. I would also recommend this for catering for your functions if your target audience doesn’t mind Indian food as I believe buying in bulk would amount to a cheaper price.

Otherwise, you can simply dine in at the place itself! The place is spacious with waiters who are professionally dressed, smart and polite too. It has quite a homely mood and has dim lights, which does build up to a relaxing atmosphere at night.
With that said, I would recommend this as your first Indian restaurant if you have never been to one before!

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High Class for Low Cost!

River walk Tandoor situated in Central Singapore directly opposite the bustling clubs and bars. My friends and I decided to have the daily dinner buffet on a Friday night but none of us were aware of their huge variety of food for both vegetarians and meat lovers in every course from the appetizer to the dessert itself! The ambiance of the restaurant seemed classy but if was mostly filled with Indian expatriates so I would not suggest this place if you are uncomfortable around the idea of foreigners. The tandoori chicken was cooked to perfection with the perfect blend of spices and just the right level of heat together with the fragrant rice it was the perfect combination.

The drinks were relatively expensive but the waiters constantly refilled our glasses with cold plain water so it was still fine. For the ambiance, location and the taste of the food I expected the bill to be relatively high but to my surprise it was a shocking $18 total per person. Up to today I have been to the river walk tandoor about 12 times but I have yet to visit their other outlets. It was honestly one of the finest dining experiences I have had from a restaurant serving north Indian cuisine and it was one of the best $18 I have spent. If you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine with class this is the place for you and it will definitely be painless on your wallet!

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Best Part:
Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken & Gulab Jamun
Branch Location:
Upper Circular Road (Clarke Quay)
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Great Buffet!

I have been to international buffet such as Sakura and this is my first time attending an Indian buffet located near Singapore River and it has a great ambiance. It felt like i was attending a wedding with that kind of elegant setting that they have in their restaurant. Apparently this restaurant opens during lunch and dinner. They have other ala carte items, charged accordingly to the original price.

The staffs are friendly and always on the go. Most of them will be attentive and will attend to your request as and when you need it. They are very focus too that most of the time, my empty glass is always filled with water before i could even ask them to fill it up.

I like the great selection of food that they have on their buffet. They have saffron rice (which is pleasantly smell nice and the aroma of it is great), muttons, chickens and fishes (which is cooked in their own specialized taste, for example, Butter Masala) and desserts such as Gulab Jamun. For an affordable price, everything is free flow.

The only set back is the drinks. The buffet will only include free flow of iced water. Other drinks are available in the menu and will be charged on a separate bill.

Overall, it is a good place if you feel like trying all Indian dishes.

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Best Part:
Gulab Jamun
Branch Location:
Near Clarke Quay
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