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First opened in 1969, Muthu's curry has transformed from a small eatery into an icon of Singaporean Indian cuisine. Against a backdrop of diverse restaurants and eateries in Singapore, Muthu's Curry has firmly established itself as a trusted name in serving the best of Indian cuisine. People from all walks of life, locals and tourists alike, flock to this restaurant to sample their wildly-popular signature dish, Fish Head Curry.   

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The lamb kebab...yummy...
Very filling !
Chicken Tikka Masala...
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(Updated: October 27, 2013)

Classy Indian Restaurant....

The first impression that strikes you is how modern & chic this Muthu's Curry at 138 Race Course Road is...certainly one of the cream of the crop for Indian diners. It's ideal for entertaining business associates and even for romantic dates given it's ambience, I must say. I don't recalled being "traumatised" by excessive "boomy" acoustics that's typical of most other I gathered that the interior design, layout and materials used are of high quality and well thought out.
For those who drive, the relatively new open-air car park opposite the street definitely alleviates the parking crunch that used to plagued the area.

The waiting staff are all well trained and the brisk service are enhanced by the food ordering system which are wireless enabled,...Superb! And the menu ? good enough to keep you coming back for rediscoveries. The naan breads, kebabs, tandoori, lambs, fish....and of course, the signature fish head curry.

However, when you do have overseas friends who are not attuned to traditional Indian spices, those used in the fish head curry may not agrees with everyone. So the mutton curry might be a safer choice. The bowl of fish head curry was somehow "sidelined" in favour of other meat dishes when I entertained my Thai friends..... palate is really a personal thing :)

I like to conclude my review with one last gentle minder..if you are on a strict weight loss diet but still cannot do without Indian food, do order the smallest portion as they are generally quite rich in nature and very filling...that said,... have a great meal at Muthu's...

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BBQ lamb, Tandoori meats, Fish Head Curry
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138 Race Course Road
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The lamb kebab...yummy...
Very filling !
Chicken Tikka Masala...
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One of the Best Indian Restaurant in Singapore!

Whenever I'm craving for Indian food I will usually go to Muthu's Curry in 313 Somerset basement, but now they've closed down already so the nearest for me is their brach in Suntec.

I love their Tandoori Chicken with mint sauce, the cheese and garlic naan combined with chicken masala and mutton curry. Their biryani is also good and their spicy chicken..really spicy that I can finish two orders of chicken biryani with a jug of water on my side! =)

They will serve you with Indian cracker (I forgot the name) while you wait and you can ask for's free!

The price is reasonable, staff are friendly and the place is clean and comfortable. I've invited my Indian friends to try Muthu's Curry and they liked it!

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for curry lovers

My friends wanted to try Muthu's curry. I tried to object as I don't take spicy food but my pleas fell of deaf ears. So, I was dragged to have some curry at Muthu's curry. When we first stepped into the restaurant, we could smell the aroma of the curry. My friends were all excited, while I was praying that they do serve food that is non spicy. To my dismay, there wasn't!

I tried a little of the fish head curry which my friends all raved about. No doubt about it, the fish meat was soft and fresh. Unknowingly, I found myself helping myself to more of the fish! Though it was really very spicy, I accompanied the curry with some rice and it was good!

Muthu's curry offers a huge variety of Indian food and all indian food lovers should definitely try this place out!

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Great-tasting fish head curry and other dishes as well!

I have tried the much-vaunted fish head curry a few times over the past couple of years, and it's always been good. Although I agree with the reviewer below when he stats that it's slightly overrated. I find that the consistency of the taste hasn't always been there. However, the signature curry never fails to entice me to take second helpings.

There are also other nice dishes to try out at Muthu's, like their Briyani, for example. This is one the more popular dishes there, as their basmati rice blends well with their curries and creates a full meal with all the Indian natural goodness in it.

One of the more popular restaurants in Serangoon Road that looks set to stay for many more years to come.

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Curry makes me a happy man

Muthu's Curry Restaurant is a victim of it's own success. Their reputation far precedes the quality of the food, and perhaps it may even be a little overrated.

Now that I got the hard part out of the way, I have to say - this place serves FANTASTIC curry fish head. As I mentioned, it may be a tad overrated, but there is no denying that it is great. There is a reason why it gets referenced so much in popular culture - it is good! The portions are huge, and accompanied with rice, you can be assured of a dinner that fills your tummy till you head to bed.

I only wish they practised a little more quality control. I've been here several times, and although each time is good, I found that on a given day, the curry may run a little thin as compared to the previous day. Solve that, and this will be an extremely successful joint.

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So, their signature dish is the Fish Head Curry.. ITS MIGHTY GOOD.
I remember having their fish head curry when I was still a young kid, not more than 12 years old, and I absolutely loved it. I drowned my rice in their thick, spicy curry and slurped up everything on the plate. Even a 12 year old me enjoyed their curry so much, much less say you.

They sell a variety of other Indian dishes too, which are worth ordering. They are expanding their business, you can find more of this outlets opening, which shows their improving business.

Don't hesitate to pay them a visit for some authentic , slurp-licious fish head curry.

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