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Jensen Chua
Listing created by Jensen Chua on October 16, 2013    

Indian restaurant specialising in Curry Fish Head, Thosai (Masala and Paper) , Prata (many types), Murtabak, Tandoori Chicken, etc.  Payment is CASH only. 

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The cooked food counter
Roti Pratas !
Awesome mutton curry !
Look at that giant !
Nice Tea Halia susu (Ginger milk tea)
The eatery...
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One Of The Best Roti Prata In Singapore

Jalan Kayu may be ulu, but that doesn’t stop hoards of people from flocking there for a taste of the island-wide famous roti prata. And the long trip there is indeed worthwhile.

You can choose from a whole row of roti prata shops, all of them famous in their own right. Although the original roti prata place that popularized Jalan Kayu was Thasevi Restaurant, as someone who has grown up feeding on Jalan Kayu prata, my favourite one by far is Thohirah Restaurant. The roti prata there is slightly thicker and thus chewier than the normal prata, with a crispy exterior.

Beside roti prata, Thohirah Restaurant also serves a plethora of different dishes not restricted to the Indian cuisine. Mee goreng, hor fun, you name it and they’ll have it!

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(Updated: October 16, 2013)

Very nice Indian food... will dine there again..

Whenever my foodies buddies proposed meeting for roti pratas breaks, my mind will inevitably turn to a few places - Casuarina [email protected] Casuarina Road, Thavsei Food @ Jalan Kayu or Singapore Zam Zam @ North Bridge Road ( Sultan Mosque). Invariably, my mind will also cringe at the difficulty in finding a car park lot at their area.

But with Thohirah Restaurant, that problem is somewhat solved at last. The relatively new coupon-type public car park ( 2-3 years ago?) did much to relieve the parking crunch at the Jalan Kayu "food avenue". Perhaps the proximity of Thohirah (the 1st restaurant located at the corner of the stretch of eateries at Jalan Kayu) contributed to it's popularity ? No, it would be incorrect to think so, as the food is really good and the price reasonable. But I would go so far to say that this eatery do relieve the healthy crowd at the famous Thasevi prata further down the lane. I recalled easily getting seats at the latter while it was quite a challenge previously.

One thing that attracts you to Thohirah is the relatively huge dining area and continual healthy crowd. This is what's called "herd mentality" and certainly convinced me to "switch camp".

So is the food any good? As this was my 1st visit to the eatery, I did not have the opportunity to try out the wide range of offerings as yet. But what my family and I dined on that evening, convinced us this place to be in future.

Our order of roti prata (egg & plain), mutton curry and paper thosai won praise even from my little daughters, who are fussy eaters. The roti prata (plain) is different from the crispy type from Thasevi or Casuarina. It rather slightly thicker and chewy type with a slight crisp outer layer. And the size is somewhat larger than most ($1/pc) and the same goes for the egg version ($2/pc). An order of "1 egg+1 kosong" should sufficed for most diners. I might add that the complimentary curry was thick and flavourful, unlike slightly watery type elsewhere.

Our mutton curry was awesome as the meat just melt in our mouth with the curry having the right balance of spiciness and robust flavour. But it was the HUGE paper that stole the limelight ! At just $4/pc, it certainly ups the "novelty" at the table. A look at the attached picture will illustrate this. The attached four types of gravy give you a different feel, with every bite of the crispy thin thosai.A must order item ! Good enough for 3-4 person in addition to the rest of the meal.

Overall, the service was brisk and staff generally helpful. Do note that payment is via cash only. And do dine here when you can, no regrets :)

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The paper Thosai, curry, egg prata
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The cooked food counter
Roti Pratas !
Awesome mutton curry !
Look at that giant !
Nice Tea Halia susu (Ginger milk tea)
The eatery...
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