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76-78 Race Course Road Singapore 218575
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Jensen Chua
Listing created by Jensen Chua on May 17, 2013    

Anjappar Singapore is a franchise of Anjappar Group, India. It's a part of a restaurant enterprise with branches in various parts of India, Dubai, Malaysia, Canada and Sri Lanka. It's specialties include popular items like Dum Briyani, Chettinaad Chicken, Lamb, viral fish curry & fry and fish head curry.

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Daily - 11.30am to 3.30pm and 6.30pm to 11.30pm
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102 Syed Alwi Road
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Great Biriyani and awesome ambience!

Having my fair share of trying dum biriyani in different indian restaurants along the stretch of little India, Anjappar is one of the places that I would truly recommend. Its a family friendly business with huge antique tables and steel cutleries. They also opt for the traditional sitar music instead of regular bollywood songs like most restaurant giving it a classy traditional charm.

The dum biriyani will cost you about 9 to 12 dollars depending on what flavor you are going for. I liked both the mutton and the prawn, with the muttons being juicy and succulent and perfectly seasoned. We also took tomato soup which was pleasant though slightly over priced when compared to the quantity. I expected a bigger bowl as I was forking out around 5++ dollars for it. Non the less, the biriyani makes up for all the tiny little woe you might have as the quantity is large enough to feed two people satisfactorily.

As for the drinks, you have your soft drinks, teas and your standard Lassi. The mango lassi is cool and sweet, just the way I like my lassi. But if you are not into heavy drinks; you can give it a miss.

While you are waiting for your food to arrive, don't forget to enjoy the decors. The painting of traditional Indians kings and queens are great to look at and admire while your tummy is getting ready to tuck into some yummylicious goodness.

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(Updated: May 24, 2013)

Good dum biryani here

I entered this restaurant specifically to satisfy a dum biryani craving. I find that the ambience of the restaurant to be pretty cosy a little noisy at times but the lighting helps to create a calm mood.

I am quite impressed that the wait staff here actually uses some sort of PDA to take your orders. You never have to wait an eternity for your food and I came during dinner service which was a busy time.

Back to the biryani. It is dum style, the mutton is unlike the other kinds of biryani you may be accustomed to. The rice is pretty spicy, the meat is tender but not swimming in gravy. Just the way I like it. I'd probably just complain about the price. At close to about $9, it is not exactly cheap, but you do get what you paid for.

Next time I am going to return for the Quail Biryani. That is pretty unique.

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(Updated: May 17, 2013)

Yummy Briyani...

Briyani is one of my Indian "comfort" food, other than prata. There are so many version of briyanis but "dum" briyani is my favourite. "Dum briyani" means that the biryani is cooked by baking the rice with the meat and spices in a large pot. This is different from less flavourful version where the rice and meat are cooked separately and combined together prior serving.

While I'm not that deep in the art and knowledge of briyani... as long the basmati rice and meat is cooked right, with a great accompanying curry...I am happy. So when I chanced upon a Briyanis special feature in the "Highway"- AA magazine, my briyani craving was triggered.

Among all the eateries featured, I decided to check out Anjappar branch at Race Course Road. On hindsight, I felt it may not be the best decision made, here's why:

- there were three of us at the meal...we ordered 1 portion of briyani each (chicken / mutton) that came with a hard boiled egg buried within the briyani which was served in a metal pot, with a side dish of masala, chopped onions and refreshing yoghurt dip. The main fare was ok...but the curry was somewhat watery variety which lacks substance. And we could not finish our briyani... 2 portion of briyani for 3 person could have sufficed. Surely the staff could have advise us on this...(Perhaps they felt we were big eaters? )
- next the staff pushed us to order more side dishes (on top of the briyanis) like butter naan, Chicken Masala, creamed veggies, etc.
-and to make things less chummy, our assigned waiter kept standing within arm length at our table...
making us felt uneasy (till we have to tactfully send him away for water refills, where he returned and resume his position !!!) Perhaps the sight of my Russian friend munching spicy chilli is something of a novelty to him?...

At the end of the meal...we felt really "flooded" with unfinished portion...and we hate to waste food...(read waste money). It could have a great meal if the staff could advise on moderation in favour of wider varieties...

So you have been cautioned...if there are three diners, order for two.. if four pax, order for three. If alone ? .... do figure it out... (^___^)

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The dum mutton & chicken briyani
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76-78 Race Course Road
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Masala tea
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