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Usman Restaurant - Pakistani & North Indian Food A small Pakistani & North Indian restaurant along Desker Road of Little India. Usually packed with patrons looking out for its savoury tangy Naan served alongside with its Famous Jefrezzi Hotplate, Traditionally grilled tandoori chicken and upbeat Indian songs! Not an air conditioned restaurant, however windy, comfortable and laidback. Great place for a sip of Teh-O-Limau.

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11 am - 3am
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Best Naan in Singapore!

Spending considerable time squeezing through the alleys and exploring different food restaurants and stalls in Little India. None has captured my heart as much as this little Paskistan & Northern Indian Restaurant, tucked comfortably at the corner of Desker Road.
If you are looking for more than just food, this is a place where you will find a bunch of joyous Northern Indian waiters spicing up your dishes with their doses of humour.

Trust me, this is the place I had the tastiest naan with a huge variety of size dishes to choose from. If I were a cow with four stomachs, I would have ordered everything on the list. It's quality food at such affordable rates. However, because everything is so delicious, I tend to order a lot of dishes shared with a friend or two. Our bills are usually in the range of $15 - $23. If you are looking at a normal meal, it is a cheap as $5 or below.

Despite being not air conditioned, the fans provided there are more than enough to equip patrons with wind while gobbling down the spicy curry and peppered dishes. The furnitures are recently changed into walnut wooden tables and chairs.

Recommended dishes:
Cheese Naan
Garlic Naan
Jefrezzi Hot Plate Chicken
Tandoori Chicken
Teh Tarik

Dishes on Menu such as:
Naan (Cheese, Garlic, Butter, Onion etc)
Tandoori Chicken
Butter Chicken
Mutton Curry
Fish Curry
Jeffrezzi Chicken
Kebab Masala
Teh Tarik
Teh O Limau
And many more delicious ones that I cannot remember.

Prices range from $2.50 - $13

The $13 range is the hotplate served with sizzling spices. Come with chunks of chicken, fish or mutton.

Very Affordable rates.

Many friendly waiters standby to take your orders and serve you whenever you need help.
You'll feel like part of their clique after a few trips down. They are a bunch of happy and joyous workers.

At one occasion, I brought my friend down during dinner time. A waiter sat at the table beside me, after his working hours and he had a huge plate of salad with some spices. Knowing that we were curious about his dish, he explained those ingredients and offered us to try some veg and spices from his plate. A few more waiters at their breaktime came over to his table and we started chatting.

The boss of the restaurant on the other hand will come personally to patrons' table for a service check if the food and everything else is up to the standard.

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Best Tandoori Chicken

This place serves the best Tandoori Chicken in Little India. My friend tried the same dish at a restaurant along Race Course Road which is expensive and doesn't taste great. Recently, I ordered the Tandoori Chicken at Kamala Restaurant and it tastes quite good, but not as good as what's served here.

I have eaten twice the same dish at this restaurant, both with briyani rice. The chicken is grilled just nice and crispy with a little part of the meat burned. Eaten with briyani rice which tastes OK, the chicken is flavourful but a bit salty. You can combine it with naan and the price will be cheaper.

On weekdays, the restaurant is crowded during lunchtime but not so during Saturdays.

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Tandoori Chicken
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