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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 12, 2012    

Welcome to Annalakshmi where vegetarian dining is a cultural experience.

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pleased to have paid.

The first time i've had the Annalakshmi experience was back when they were still ensconced in a quiet little spot in Excelsior Hotel (yes it's been that long!)

Back then, like all cashstrapped students, I was drawn to their idea of "pay as you wish". Little did I know the extended sojourns to Annalakshmi would lead to my love for authentic Indian Vegetarian Cuisine. It was only during my trip to Kashmir 4 years back, that I realized I do know quite a bit about Indian spices and ingredients, thanks to the helpful volunteer cooks who extended their friendship to us "out-of-place" chinese girls.

As a first jobber stepping into Annalakshmi's CBD outlet, I put my newfound income to good use here, in gratitude to the restaurant with a heart. While the present decor is markedly different from Excelsior, there is a comforting familiarity in its buffet spread and warm people. And if I concentrate hard enough, I can almost taste the Gulab Jamuns that Annalakshmi serves for dessert, while keeping those crazily sweet balls at arms length.

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One of the best Indian restaurants in town.

I was curious to try out Annalakshimi's as I've heard about their famed "pay as you please" policy. Well, I wasn't disappointed. rather, I recommend this restaurant for it's great food as well as to lend support for their charitable causes.

I have been to many Indian buffets, only to be disappointed by the taste of the dishes and the false promises in advertising. Here, however, they do not advertise at all, but have gained a strong following though word of mouth.

The buffet spread was delectable, with loads of North Indian items on offer, each were fresh and hot. Although the service staff left a lot to be desired, I enjoyed the food tremendously. It was a dining pleasure, to be precise. Payment-wise, it's up to you. I paid the ample price of an Indian buffet plus a bit extra to help their noble cause of feeding the world and enlightening others as well.

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Pay as you want

As someone on a tight budget all the time (read: as a stingy person) I don't usually give high Value marks for eateries. But you would have noticed that I gave Annalakshmi 4.5 over 5. That's because here, you pay what you want. Don't imagine that Annalakshmi makes a loss though. Their clientele is largely the CBD office worker crowd, due to its central location in Amoy Street. Yes, you pay what you want, but I believe most Singaporeans are decent enough to pay what they usually do for a good lunch or dinner.

But the food - yes, the food is yummy Indian vegetarian food. It is a self-service buffet spread at the back of the restaurant. Unfortunately the range of dishes is usually quite limited. Still, you can expect most of them to be really good, even though they are cooked by volunteer cooks (read their website for more info). I wish I could elaborate on the dishes, but I am unfamiliar with Indian dish names.

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Amoy Street
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