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This popular roti prata joint serves many types of prata and curry, as well as other Indian and Indian-Muslim dishes like nasi goreng and murtabak.

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Superb Curries !
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(Updated: June 23, 2013)

Feeling peckish? Have a Prata !

"Singapore is a really multi-racial country ! It shows in a prata queue !"... so enthused one of my foreign friends during one of our foodie adventure.
And Yes! Singaporeans do bond.... especially around food and very frequently...over an Indian stall with good curry and a sizzling hot pan and of course, the ever entertaining dough flipping cook...

Casuarina Curry is one the more popular Indian eateries in S'pore, other than that of Thasevi Prata at Jalan Kayu. Judging by the renovated state from it's previous bland interior...I must say business have been and still is, excellent, which say much about their offerings...

Their prata is crispy and not too thick (though kinda small)...which is complemented with good curry. Of course, you can order your prata with onion, egg, "plastered" (with egg fried outside a plain prata), cheese, even chocolate, etc . But for a more enjoyable meal, I do recommend a med-sized mutton mutarbak (e.g for a group of four adults) to go with the pratas. And perhaps include a "Tissue Prata" just to up the yummy quotient a notch or two.
And what better way to quench the thirst or spicy aftertaste with a cup of "teh halia", that is, ginger tea.

Dining at Casuarina could always been an enjoyable experience if not for the difficulty to secure parking due to the limited lots in the vicinity. My advice for motorists is to exercise patience as the turnover at the lots are relatively fast. Avoid parking at the narrow lanes further down the eatery as their precious car may get scratched or dent by passing vehicles..

And if time is on your side, have a short drive down Upper Seletar Reservoir to refresh by the lake and see the free-roaming macaques...just don't feed them though.

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The Prata and Mutton Murtabak
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136/138 Casuarina Road
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Superb Curries !
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(Updated: April 14, 2012)

Average quality of food

Casuarina Curry has always been a popular place for those looking for a quick after dinner bite, or those looking to have a supper gathering with friends. Ironic, though, that a supper joint closes so early - 12 midnight on eves of public holidays and Saturdays/Sundays, and 11pm on weekdays.

I've visited Casuarina Curry about five times, and each time I've had just an average experience. Service was so-so, prata wasn't as crispy as it's supposed to be, and price was just average. Casuarina Curry used to be a lot more popular, and their prata used to be much crispier than it is now. I would suppose that the standard has dropped by quite a bit due to the fact that many other supper/prata joints have been surfacing and it would have been difficult for Casuarina Curry to compete with them, given that they are not situated at a very ideal location.

Still, albeit inconvenient, Casuarina Curry makes up for it by ensuring that their prices remain constant, unlike other prata joints which raise prices so often and so unjustifiably. For those who haven't been here before, Casuarina Curry is worth a visit, but perhaps nothing more than that - unless traveling isn't so much of an issue for you.

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Casuarina Road
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Perhaps Even Better Than Jalan Kayu

Besides the Jalan Kayu stretch, Casuarina Curry is one of the best prata places in Singapore. Its chocolate prata may even triumph Jalan Kayu’s rendition.

If you’re looking for thin and crispy prata, here’s the place. Casuarina Curry’s chocolate prata is so crispy and thin, hit it with a fork and it’ll break. But because it’s drenched in chocolate sauce, make sure to finish it quickly (I don’t think that will be a problem though) if not you may end up with soggy bits of prata.

Casuarina Curry also serves a mean plain prata. Crispy and flaky on the outside, but soft on the inside, this is in no way inferior to any of the stalls along Jalan Kayu. If you’re tired of always going to Jalan Kayu for your prata fix, Casuarina Curry is the place to go.

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One of the best indian restaurants in town

Casuarina Curry is located in the woods of Sembawang, making it difficult to get there. But I still frequent it a couple of times because I am a big fan of Indian cuisine. While I do not think that they serve the best Indian food in town, it is one of the better Indian restaurants that provide quality food in an acceptable quantity with a reasonable price. You should go to Little India if you want good and cheap Indian food

I would highly recommend their briyani dam and tissue prata. Their portion of briyani is really generous and their curry and dalcha has this exquisite taste which would keep you coming back for more.

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(Updated: April 10, 2013)

Nice food but service can be better

Been a regular between 2001 and 2003, since I moved I have been missing the crispy fragrant prata and its ginger tea.

Service used to be great, the indian uncles are very quick and always get our orders right. Last month, we went there after Zoo's visit. I was so excited that I order plaster prata and two egg pratas to share. The curry was just as nice but the pratas served too late then became cold and tasteless. We finished our food but our ginger tea never came. After several reminders, our drinks came but they decided to change our order to ice milo. Maybe he was hoping to cool us down from the half an hour wait in the hot weather.

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Prata quest

On a quest to search for the best prata in singapore, i headed down to the Casuarina as I've been hearing raves of it having great prata. What's special about their prata is that their egg prata comes in a square shape. The perfect heavenly prata for me is super cripsy and yet soft in the middle. The casuarina's prata was the nearest to prefect i have tasted, other than the prefect prata place i've been to at upper thomson. The outer corners of the prata was cripsy. I order teh-tarik too and it was pretty good. They sell other indian food like mutarbak, mee goreng and nasi briyani.

Good thing i liked about this place is it is air-conditioned! It's important to me because every time i eat prata, i end up in perspiration and smelling like curry. The service was slightly slow as the place was packed and considered quite big for a prata shop.

After dinner, i bought home a package of papadum which is my favourite indian snack.

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(Updated: January 19, 2013)

Prata paradise

Casuarina Curry Restaurant is my go-to place to satisfy my craving for prata. Specializing in prata, they have many varieties of it, from the traditional plain and egg prata to the novelty ones like prata with chocolate sauce (it's unusual but surprisingly tastes alright) and prata with strawberry sprinkles (even I'm not daring enough to try this one). The price is definitely affordable and well-worth it as I always leave the place feeling relatively full and satisfied even after eating only two or three pieces of prata. Additionally, the curry is always served hot with a generous portion of vegetables and meat in it, making it flavourful. Best of all, the curry is free-flow!

However, prata is not the only food sold. A variety of other Indian specialities are on the menu as well. One can even purchase packets of Indian condiments and sweets to bring home. The only thing that Casuarina Curry Restaurant is a bit lacking in is the service. The waiters (there are NO waitresses), to be blunt, seem a hard on hearing. The customers (myself excluding) often have to repeat their orders loudly with clear enunciation and hand gestures before the order is understood. Additionally, the food can take quite a while to be served up (since it's made on the spot).

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Creative prata shop

I used to visit this shop when I was working near Yio Chu Kang. This shop sells a lot of creative versions of pratas so if you are an adventurous person, you will have a lot of special pratas that you want to try out.

They sell dessert pratas, basically pratas with sweet ingredients like chocolate, bananas, etc. I had only tried the chocolate prata, not really something I liked, the taste just could not fuse together.

My personal favourite when I was there was the mutton murtabak. If I remembered correctly, they came in three sizes. A medium will do for a big eater, the big size cannot be finished by one person, it was meant to be shared. They are not stingy with their curry gravy so you can ask for refill if you do not have enough.

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The better prata along Thomson

As compared to the Roti Prata shop along the food filled shop houses of Thomson, Casuarina Curry tops its competitor in all aspects. Ambience, Price, Service, Quality and Ambience.

With friendly staff always looking out for you to experienced chefs who prepare your meals behind a glass panel creating an open kitchen concept, I have never been disappointed at Casuarina Curry. The curry that accompanies the prata is always served hot and never left to sit to reach room temperature.

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Crispy, authentic roti pratas!

TThs restaurant is hugely popular with the Sunday morning breakfast crowd for several very good reasons. First among those being that they've gotten their basics right in serving roti prata, meaning Thayer they've gotten the right way to serve good prata and great mutton or fish curry to accompany it.

Secondly are the pratas themselves, which are perennially crispy n fluffy. I can't remember a single time where I've had one prata that wasn't crispy. I can only have 2 ample-sized pratas before I feel full.

Thirdly, and most important economically, are their prices. The ability to keep their prices affordable is a moan reason why Casuarina Curry has weathered storms from competitors and even has managed to retain a loyal customer base.

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My go-to prata place

In a summary - this is my favourite prata place ever in Singapore! My favourite is their egg prata and mutton. Firstly, the egg prata is very fragrant! I like how the parts with the egg are soft and the edges are crispy. The oily feel isn't overpowering as well which is really good! Next, the mutton curry - the tender mutton cubes are perfectly cooked and goes great with their prata.

I love to have my Saturday breakfast at Casuarina Curry but it's a better idea to go there earlier because the crowd comes in at about 10 plus 11, making it difficult to get seats. My perfect breakfast with them would definitely have to be egg prata with mutton curry and a cup of iced milo together! You should totally try them out!

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crisp and chewy, the best of both worlds

This place has been my go-to for a prata fix for years. While its location seems out of the way, it’s right next to the reservoir making it incredibly convenient to head down for a walk to burn off the extra prata you ordered. And well, it’s hard not to over-order given the wide range of pratas available here. As always, the taste test is with the traditional flavours – plain and egg. The prata is crispy on the outside with some chewiness inside so you get the best of both worlds.

Don’t expect first class service here, despite the air-conditioning it really is coffee-shop style dining. They often take orders without writing them down and the fun part is watching them repeat a whole string of complicated orders for large groups. Of course, this system is prone to mistakes so if your dish has yet to arrive, they probably forgot so don’t wait, just check with them.

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