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Go! Go! Curry! sells a range of dishes with curry and rice that are available in different sizes.


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Gigantic plates and serving

So I just passed by this store at orchard during its opening like its first day and it was packed with customers! What caught my attention was it ultra big portion of Japanese curry with rise that was served on this gigantic plastic plate! The price is reasonable for the portion and the food taste okay. However I feel that the Japanese curry was a little starchy and I could taste the MSG more than I could taste the curry.

The ambience is nice and the service is good with staff that are efficient and patient, and good that is served real quick. Overall if you are someone with a big appetite, this would be a great place for you.

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Orchard ION
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For Jap curry lovers

I only take Japanese curry and Go Go Curry at ION Orchard is really the kind of Japanese curry that I like. I ordered the chicken cutlet curry rice which costed about $15. The portion was huge! The chicken cutlet was bigger than my palm and the rice was a huge mountain. The amount of curry sauce that was drizzled over the chicken was just right. Enough to eat together with the chicken, but not too much as to turn it into curry porridge.

The curry was fragrant and the spiciness level was just right for me. Others might think that it is rather blend. But because I don't take spicy food, the spiciness of the curry is just right for me.

However, I felt that it is abit pricey for a meal at a small eatery. Nevertheless, Go Go Curry would be my first choice if i ever need to satisfy my Japanese curry craving

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fun concept

My friends and I bought the grand slam curry to share amongst the 6 of us. It was sufficient for our lunch, but also allowing space for dessert. We were really excited to try this curry since it was strongly recommended by my friend.

We weren't disappointed. However, I feel that Japanese curry isn't that hard to cook actually. It might had been that we were really hungry that day after CCA that made it taste especially good. One can easily replicate the sauce with a pre-mix. But the fun of eating a giant sized curry and sharing it with your friends or family (or even challenging yourself to finish it) is a rather good marketing gimmick.

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Nothing special

The reason why I got attracted to Go Go Curry was because of its colorful display and from the outside of the shop, it looks really promising. I went there with a friend on a weekend afternoon at the ION branch and it the small space was filled with quite a handful of people. Not the best environment and atmosphere to dine at! I ordered a chicken katsu curry and was eagerly waiting for its arrival. It didn't take long for it to arrive.

When I dug into my food, I realize that the curry was only warm. It wasn't piping hot at all. Being famished, I decided to just continue with the warm curry because I did not want to wait for another hot one to be served. The curry was just average? It sounds a little harsh to say this but I think you can also cook such curry using the pre-made Japanese curry blocks that are sold in major supermarkets. There is really nothing special about the curry here. The chicken katsu was also tough in the inside and not very crispy on the outside. Meat was also very thin. It was nothing like the promotional pictures shown outside the shop. For $12.50, I would have expected better quality and taste. This is definitely not worth the money! Go somewhere else if you are looking for authentic tasty Japanese curry. This is just an over-hyped place with nothing special to offer.

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order the grand slam to share with friends and have a taste of all the ingredients

At Go! Go! Curry!, rice with various choices of ingredients are served with a dollop of Japanese curry.

A good dish to share with friends will be the Grand Slam, as it has quite a lot of rice, with some of all the ingredients, including the chicken and pork cutlet, sausage, shrimp and many others. I like this dish, since I get to eat all the ingredients, and I will add cheese to it as well. It is definitely filling, and at times it is even possible to share one plate with three people. The pork cutlet tastes better than the chicken cutlet as it is softer than the latter. Thus, their pork katsu curry is the most popular among all the dishes, as a big piece of cutlet is given and the meat is soft. In the big platter, it can be difficult to differentiate between the two, chicken and pork cutlet, just by looking, and the difference can only be told by tasting them. The curry sauce is not very spicy, and goes well with the rice. The dish tastes even better with cheese. The shrimp and sausage curry will be the most expensive dishes as very few shrimps and sausages will be given and they look very pathetic over a big pile of rice and curry.

The staff is friendly and patient in getting the orders, despite the mealtime crowd. Service is fast as well so waiting time for the food is short and the orders will be delivered rather quickly. This will be a good place to satisfy the Japanese curry cravings.

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