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#01-291 292 Yishun Street 22 Singapore Singapore 760292
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Neon Drew
Listing created by Neon Drew on September 25, 2015    

It's about time the North had a cafe we can call our very own. And it seems like our complaints have been heard! Holy Cow Creamery is a new concept opened in late 2014. Situated in a quiet neighbourhood along Yishun Street 22, this ice cream boutique serves artisanal ice cream at an extremely reasonable price.

With a range of unique ice cream flavours, including local favourite Mao Shan Wang Durian. If you're there pair your ice creams with their delectable waffles and brownies!

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11:30 AM - 10 PM
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< $10

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Yishun's well-kept secret

Tucked away in a market located at Yishun Street 22, Holy Cow Creamery is the hidden gem of the ever-so ulu Yishun estate. Being an Yishunite myself, Holy Cow had quickly become my go-to parlour for an ice-cream fix ever since it opened two years ago.

The flavours available rotate each day, with the Thai Milk Tea being my go-to flavour. Days when the parlour serves the hazelnut flavour, Rocher, are the days I consider myself lucky. The waffles are, I daresay, worthy competitors of their much more popular counterparts in Holland Village or Toa Payoh. Holy Cow’s waffles are served hot with a generous drizzle of maple syrup, and sufficiently crispy such they do not turn soggy when paired with ice-cream.

I’d hate to spill such a secret, lest Holy Cow Creamery becomes overrun with customers. But, the urge to prove to my friends that Yishun is not at all a ‘wasteland’ is much stronger, and Holy Cow Creamery is a shining beacon of hope for this estate.

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Artisanal Ice Cream for Less Than $5

Being one that lives in the North, I was simply overjoyed to know there's an ice cream boutique that I don't have to spend 45 minutes to get to. Holy Cow Creamery is an ice cream parlour located at Yishun, in a quaint neighbourhood in between the most random shops.

What I love about the place is the simple layout of the cafe, no-frills, no overtly decorated walls that scream in your face. But what I appreciated more was the quality ice cream and the extremely reasonable price making it a must-go for everyone, regardless if you stay near the north. While they sell the classics Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, my personal favourites and recommendations are Thai Milk Tea. The thing about tea flavoured ice cream is not easy to perfect. Over at Holy Cow, what I loved about the ice cream is that you first taste the creaminess and slight sweetness, and as it melts in your mouth, you taste a hint of tea and its earthiness, making it creamy and light at the same time.

Some other flavours that are great are Miss Saigon and Nutella Cheesecake! If you're there, be sure to pair your ice cream with their delectable waffles. Though it has a faint eggy taste, the lightly crisp on the outside and extremely airy on the inside, the texture of the waffle is just perfect and easily one of the best I've had.

This place is great for an after-lunch treat or to satisfy a late-night crave. The only gripe is that it can get pretty crowded and noisy when there's a full house - but what's one to do when the place sells good ice cream, right? The best part is it operates till 11 PM on Fridays, so gather your north-living kakis and head to Holy Cow!

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Amazing Ice Cream
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