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We create artisan ice cream. Yes, we’re ice cream artists! Creating high quality ice cream with care, dedication …. and a personal touch. In a world hurtling towards the mass-produced, we’d like to bring some intimacy back to one of life’s simple pleasures. Udders means a cow's mammalary gland. And because our ice cream is so fresh that it's almost straight from a udder to you!

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Siglap Mezzaine
Siglap Ground Floor
Serangoon Gardens
West Mall
Upper Thomson


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Cheap ice cream but not fantastic

Udders is an ice cream outlet that many should be familiar with.I visited the outlet at Novena and the ambience was cosy. They play a playlist of pop songs and it is usually filled with youngsters. I say it is a great place to chill out with your family and friends after a hearty meal.

Ice cream at Udders is relatively cheap, at $2.90-$4.90 for a scoop, depending on which range of ice cream you choose from. The popular flavors are strawberry fields, mao shan wang and hazelnut chocolate ice cream. They carry special flavors such as lychee martini, green tea etc. Consumers can even suggest to them on this piece of blackboard what ice cream flavors they would like to try in the future! I think that Mao Shan Wang ice cream is the best flavor out of all if you are a durian lover. It is as if you are eating real durians instead. Go with waffles, it would make your dessert seem more complete! Cookies and Cream, a commonly chosen flavor, is quite good too. It is not as milky as other cookies and cream ice cream and the cookie bits taste very sweet, which is great for a sweet tooth like me!

However, I find the other flavors quite average.I would not really visit it unless my friends want to. Convenience wise, it is located near the MRT station and it is even opened till 1am on Friday and public holidays! Affordable and decent ice cream for the win!

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(Updated: April 18, 2012)


Udders is my number one choice whenever I need ice cream to set my bad day right! The entire place just gives off a very homey vibe despite the big crowds on weekends, Fridays and holidays. Its a great place to chill out with your friends and family!

What I love about Udders is that its constantly bringing new creative flavors to their customers! Even classics like Cookies and Cream totally won me over! Their new creative flavors like Holicks Balls and Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla are simply delectable! Of course, not forgetting, their Belgian waffle! It is really the best that I've ever tried! Fluffy and spongy, just simply the best!

The wooden furnitures makes the entire place feels just like home for me especially during the day time when the sun shines in and brightens up the place through the tall glass panels!

Even better! They are opened till 1am on Fridays and Public Holidays! Now you know where to go to kill your ice cream cravings after a week long of hardwork!

A place suited to be part of your plan for any occasions whether its a date with your loved one or a family day out!

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Best Part:
Horlicks Balls, Cookies and Cream, Earl Grey, Peanut Butter Crunch, Waffle
Branch Location:
Siglap, 87 Upper East Coast Road
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Used to be one of my favourites

Udders Ice Cream has two outlets - Novena and Siglap. Udders ice cream is one of the first few artisan ice creams in Singapore and was extremely popular when it first opened. This is due to the unique flavours (such as Mao Shan Wang and Baileys) it offers that taste absolutely perfect. Their waffles were also crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, perfect!

However, I feel like the standard of the ice cream and waffles has dropped tremendously recently. Sometimes, the ice creams will be covered in ice, making the flavours blender. The waffles are a huge disappointment in light of new competitors such as Creamier entering the market. The Udders waffles were no longer crunchy and basically tasted like a soggy piece of bread.

Yet, if you are looking for special flavours such as Mao Shan Wang, D24 durian, Baileys and even green tea, Udders is a good option.

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(Updated: September 07, 2015)

Doodling Over Ice-Cream

If you enjoyed doodling on walls as a child, to the despair of your mother, Udders is a fun place to meet with friends, have some ice-cream, and unleash your creativity.

A local ice-cream chain with an extensive list of amazing flavours, Udders’ outlets feature a black whiteboard along the walls and brightly coloured markers for you to doodle on to your heart’s delight. Udders also has some unique flavours that differ radically from your traditional cookies and cream or rum and raisin (though their versions of these flavours are also a delight). Some yummy concoctions include Salted Speculoos, Tiramisu, and my all-time favourite: Soursop Vodka. You can taste the soursop in the ice-cream, and the vodka adds a welcome, sharp kick. It’s actually more similar to a sorbet than an ice-cream, but it makes it to my cone every time.

They also serve waffles and sundaes, and plain water is free flow and self-service. They have an old-school water cooler (the kind found in your secondary school canteen), so you can drink up to your heart’s content to counter the sticky sweetness of the ice-cream. The service can be a bit lukewarm at times, but overall the staff are efficient and polite.

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Branch Location:
Upper Thomson
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Good place to hang out

I like going to Udders because of the relax and laid back ambience. The prices are reasonable to me and you get some good variety. I like to mix my flavors, usually ordering one creamy mixed with one sorbet. Nice and refreshing!

The Serangoon Gardens one is nice because the place allows us to doodle. So in a way, it's a place to idle and have some chill out time with friends. You also have a choice to sit inside or out. The other one is their Siglap outlet. Okay, that one is always very crowded and you need to share seats usually with strangers. But generally still okay because the place is quite spacious.

I also like the idea that they allow us to get free water with the ice creams. Their staff are also very friendly and service oriented. Overall, good experience!

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Slight better than our average ice-cream

With the ever-increasing temperature and if you are looking for a place to chill and have some ice-cream, try Udders. With over forty different flavours, choose from a wide selection available, ranging from liqueur to Asian-inspired and cosmopolitan flavours, hop down to any of their five outlets here and they will not disappoint too much.

Personally, I prefer the liqueur range of ice-cream. Ice cream with waffles (from S$2.50) will be a perfect combination. They have got one of the best waffles, crispy on the outside, yet soft in the inside. If eating there is not enough and you are looking to cater their ice-cream for parties, they have catering service starting from S$3.80 per scoop for classic flavours with a minimum order of 50 cups. Order at least five days in advance and delivery charges apply for weekends and public holidays.

I went to the Bukit Timah outlet and they told me that their café can be booked for parties as well. There is a separate area at the back of the café. There is a blackboard as well for you to doodle and when you are there with your friends, feel free to leave a message or two!

Overall, Udders would be a good place to chill. Its ice-cream would be slightly better than your average ice-cream. The quality you will get is what you paid for and I would not mind another trip down to Udders!

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Recommended Outlet for "Chilling" Out

The first time I drove along Upper East Coast Road looking for a dessert place, it was the fun-looking friendly-coloured Udders logo that immediately caught my attention.

So me and my group of friends decided to check the outlet out. Turns out it was selling waffle ice creams. While it wasn't a unique concept, I have to say the concept, ambience, and the look and feel of the place was rather unique.

So we queued up and was greeted by friendly staff. I thought the assortment of the flavours was quite a huge range and it was difficult to choose which flavours I wanted as I really felt like trying all of them! If there weren't such things as diabetes or obesity, trust me, I would.

Anyway, we chatted and ate, ordered another round, chatted and ate, and before we knew it more than 2 hours had flown by!

It was a great experience and I'd recommend anyone who'd like to relax at a place that feels... quoting irene_peanut - "The wooden furnitures makes the entire place feels just like home for me especially during the day time when the sun shines in and brightens up the place through the tall glass panels!"

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Upper East Coast Road
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(Updated: May 15, 2014)

Not particularly memorable

Udders serve really decent ice cream, and it's a usual hangout for many ice cream lovers. It is good and affordable, and is worth a visit if you're in the vicinity looking for dessert to fill your stomach.

I like their Hazelnut flavoured ice cream, but that's about all. I've heard many raves about their Mao Shan Wang (Durian) flavour though, but I don't like durian, so I can't comment on it. But it is one of their most popular picks! At Udders, you can also top up your ice cream with waffles.

That said, nothing about their ice cream blew me away. It isn't particularly memorable, and none of the flavours had me craving for more. But the ice cream at Udders is definitely decent and great for late night hangouts.

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Love love love

I adore Udders because its a fool proof place for great ice cream at a very affordable price. Its also very conveniently located near my old school which meant that heading down with my classmates after a tiring school day was often the perfect thing to do.

My favourite flavour is still the Baileys Irish Cream ice cream which is perfectly sweet but also has the kick from the alcohol flavour which packs the right amount of punch to the ice cream. Other than that the Peanut Butter Crunch is also really good and there are chunks of solid peanut butter in the ice cream which is always a pleasure to break into. Earl Grey is also another winner.

I'm salivating just writing this review, I want ice cream now.

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(Updated: May 12, 2014)

Good, but you're not missing out on much

I like Udders, and not just because I'm secretly a five-year-old and the name makes me laugh. As a local ice cream option, it's more affordable and accessible than, say, Haagen Daaz. The queues aren't as long as Cold Stone, thankfully.

That said, I live near the Siglap branch, so I fully admit to being biased. I'm not gonna complain about perfectly decent ice cream that's 3 minutes away from my flat and in a cute little chalk-decorated cafe.

I reckon the ice cream was tasty enough but not especially memorable. I usually get green tea ice cream, though it's only about as good as any other parlour's. The Bailey's was interesting, but a tad strong for me personally. Udders gets kudos for creative flavours, if nothing else.

I'd say it's a convenient little place to hang out if you have friends in the area, and it's even better if you happen to live near an outlet.

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Rich flavours

Udders has got to be one of the best local ice cream I've ever tasted.

The first time I visited Udders was because I had some Udders vouchers that are near the expiration date. I did not regret spending them all and from then, I started to frequent Udders. What made me came back for more was the rich flavours in the ice cream. I especially love the chocolate flavour (all time favourite). Trust me when I say that the icy goodness of rich chocolate cold sweetness is able to drive your taste buds wild.

Udders is definitely the perfect place for some me-time or a chill-out with your buddies.

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Affordable but average-tasting

I visited the Udders outlet along Upper East Coast Road yesterday and bought a single scoop of the Peanut Butter Crunch for $3.60. While this was a very affordable price, the ice cream was, in all honesty, not fantastic - I expected a richer flavour instead of the rather plain ice cream I was given. Of course, this is only for the Peanut Butter Crunch; other flavours might taste better.

One thing I like about Udders is how they allow you to use liquid chalk to draw on the glass panels lined up along the sides of the walls. It's really fun and adds a fun touch to the atmosphere of the place.

While I would recommend Udders as a place to go if you're looking for affordable ice cream, I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for tasty, rich ice cream. A better choice would be to go to Haagen-Dazs just a few hundred metres down from the Upper East Coast Udders outlet.

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Upper East Coast Road
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