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Listing created by bojio! on February 19, 2013    

Making its local debut at The Star Vista, this Italian gelato chain offers patrons a wide range of desserts from gelatos, crepes, yoghurt smoothies and cakes. Its signature ice-cream flavors include pistachio and lemon.

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The Star Vista


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Pistachio at Pinocchio

I was exploring The Star Vista that day, and at first glance, was drawn by the quirky wooden statue right outside the ice-cream cafe, Pinocchio. On closer look, they even sell miniature Pinocchio keychains, which are in fact pens, over the counter. I am a huge gelato ice-cream fan and I'm constantly lookout for new ice-cream places, so I decided to give it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised that the price range of their ice-cream is lower than many of its local counterparts, even with such a wide variety of flavours, location, and general ambience of the cafe. The only catch is patrons must pay for their share (eg. single/double scoop, with waffles etc) before they could test the ice-cream flavours, a practice that is not commonly adopted among most of the ice-cream cafes here. Nevertheless, judging from the number of customers at the cafe, I believe this is but a minor issue.

Among the few flavours which I tried, Pistachio was the most outstanding. To begin with with, the flavour is unique. On top of that, it is very fragrant, and came with small bits of pistachio nuts. I felt that the other more common flavours like Tiramisu are pretty decent. And the best part about Pistachio ice-cream is that it does not leave a layer of grease on your lips. I will definitely revisit the cafe for its crepes! Two thumbs up :)

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The Star Vista
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