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2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza, #01-10, 548008
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Listing created by bxbong on November 20, 2012    

Ice Edge Cafe specializes in the art of creating artisan gelato, and also sells brownies, lava cakes, waffles, as well as Western and Italian cuisines to allow customers to have a complete experience.

At Ice Edge Cafe, sauces are made from scratch, and only the freshest ingredients are used, not depending on readymade sauces that are easily obtained in the market, along with pizza dough and garlic bread.


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Don’t ever try their squid ink pasta

I went to ice-edge café twice. The first time was average as it didn’t leave any deep impression on me. But few days ago, I went there again during their dinner time and this time round I will definitely not forget the experience.

I ordered their squid ink pasta, risking staining my whole mouth black just for the sake of having a first try on squid ink dishes. Well, for some experience, once is enough. It was alright at first, but it tasted weird after a few mouthfuls. The squid ink wasn’t fresh and even had a fishy smell. I thought it was just me and gave half of the pasta to my friend, but even both of us were unable to finish a plate of it.

Of course, I wouldn’t condemn the café just because of a failed dish. My friends ordered their mocha and another variant of pasta and they were alright. Not the best we had, but it was still value for money.

I can’t say I won’t go back again. But if I ever go back anytime soon, it would definitely not be for their squid ink pasta. Perhaps we would try their waffles!

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Great desserts and mains!

Came here a few months back to celebrate my brother's birthday. Since it was a happy occasion, we ordered many dishes to share. Being the adventurous me, I saw something new in the menu and couldn't wait to taste it. i ordered the laksa Risotto, which was an interesting twist to Singapore's local dish. It came with 4 chicken patties, quite possibly frozen ones, but the serving was generous. We were pretty surprised, for the risotto really resembled laksa in taste.

We also ordered two different types of chicken chops to share, as usual, the portions were generous, and the chops came nicely grilled. Their salmon was also done well, with the unusual sides adding a nice touch.

The star of the night would have to be their desserts. We ordered a durian lava cake, yes you saw it right, durian! A creative spin from the chocolate molten lava cake. AND YES SPEWING HOT DURIAN FLOWED OUT. I was ecstatic. Durian lovers, it's a must to try!

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