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#01-03, Marine Parade Community Club 278 Marine Parade Road Singapore 449282
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blue pants
Listing created by blue pants on July 04, 2012    

SCOOP OF ART is Singapore’s first Gelato & Art café - gives everyone the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of Gelato flavours & Art & Craft. No right or wrong. Just pure freedom of expression in a comfortable & delicious environment!

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Gelato, waffles, brownies, comfort food

Scoop of Art is a cosy cafe, great for hanging out with groups of friends over lunch or a snack of gelato. They provide crayons and sheets of colouring paper filled with their signature cartoon ice creams and cupcakes which you can colour in as you eat and chat with your friends. I find this to be strangely comforting and relaxing.

Their portion size is rather large, which makes the gelato quite value for money. Also, they have a range of flavours and constantly add new flavours. My personal favourite would be the raspberry gelato; it does not have the fake raspberry flavour, and is instead slightly sourish, just like the real fruit.

On rainy days, you can opt for warmer dishes instead. Scoop of Art also offers spongy waffles and rich brownies to complement your gelato. They also serve sandwiches on soft ciabata and comfort food such as sheperd's pie.

Then again, the star of the show would be the gelato. Be sure to try them with the warm waffles when you visit Scoop of Art; they are indeed a match made in heaven.

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I came here with a friend one day, as we were in the vicinity for an art exhibition and had to wait quite awhile to get in. The shop was quite packed, and bustling with noise as we peeled open the door, only to be greeted by a wide array of colours and flavours of different ice creams.

Unsure of what to decide, while holding up a queue, I spontaneously chose the Bundung flavored ice cream. It was a sweltering hot day, that day, and ice cream was the best way to deal with the heat.

The Bundung ice cream was the first of it's kind that I have tried. It certainly did not disappoint. Amongst the smooth creaminess of the Bandung flavored ice cream were little bits of Atap Chee, which was like a pair made in heaven with the Bundung ice cream. It not only gave the ice cream some bite, but also enhanced the flavours.

I've been wanting to go back to marine parade cc just for this for so long now, but since I'm living on the opposite side of Singapore, the distance is keeping me away from this delicious treat.

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(Updated: November 12, 2012)

Scoop of relaxation

Scoop of Art is a quaint little café with a somewhat artisanal feel. It has an interesting concept that attempts to fuse together art and food, two things that are seemingly unrelated.
The first time I visited the place, they were holding an art workshop for kids and the place was closed until 2pm. I was told to return later, which was slightly inconvenient for me.

I returned to the café around 3pm with a book in hand. The interior was capacious and the walls were decorated with several art pieces. The café was rather empty at that hour, so I randomly picked a table next to the window to sit down, relax and read leisurely.

I ordered the cheesy potato, which arrived shortly. It was approximately $3 and satisfactory. The portion size seems inadequate at first, but somehow, it was sufficiently filling.

I was there until dinnertime, so I also tried the shepherd’s pie. It was rather bland, nothing to shout about.

The highlight of the place would be the ice-cream though. With a variety of different flavours, the ice-cream there was creamy, sweet and utterly delicious. I ordered one scoop of salted caramel and one of strawberry cheesecake, and both did not disappoint.

Overall, the food there was reasonably priced and relatively affordable, although not particularly delicious. Scoop of Art is certainly a delightful place to sit and relax during lazy weekends.

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Waffles with gelato!!

I stumbled upon Scoop of Art early this year during a visit to the Marine Parade Library. I have to be honest, for all the times I've been to that library, I have never seen this place before. It is partially hidden away near the rear of the building, although it is visible from the main road if you exit from the ECP. I went there with my friend primarily because I was in the mood for waffles with ice-cream. The interior of Scoop of Art is decorated with various art pieces, giving it a very relaxed and authentic lool. I ordered a large waffle which came with 2 scoops of gelato. I chose the Macadamia Fudge and Strawberry Cheesecake gelato. My order took quite long to arrive, which was a surprise since there were less than 10 other people in there.

When it finally came, I was taken pleasantly surprised by it... The 2 scoops of gelato were literally huge! The waffle was sufficiently hot enough that the gelato was starting to melt. After a few bites, I knew that I was definitely coming back for more of the gelato! The Strawberry Cheesecake was supremely rich in flavour and not too sweet, whilst the Macadamia Fudge was creamy and there were good-sized chunks of macadamia nuts in there as well. The gelato went great with the waffle, and I had no regrets visiting Scoop of Art.

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art+gelato=hours of fun

Let’s be honest, when we sit down at a dessert shop, apart from enjoying a sweet treat, we really just want a place to hang out with friends so we stay there for hours on end and leave our drinks half finished so we have a reason to stay on.

Well, the people at Scoop of art have got us all figured out so they’ve given us a better reason to hang around apart from half finished drinks – the chance to create your own masterpiece. Apart from serving great gelato, they also allow diners the opportunity to paint, draw or create a work of art while there. Various art supplies can be purchased from them including canvas and paint.

For the less artistic, they do provide old school colouring sheets (for free) you can colour in with the colour pencils provided. I really like this unique concept and am sure it will be a hit with youths looking for a new place to hang out.

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