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#B1-154 Parkway Parade 80 Marine Parade Road Singapore 449269
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Scoopz Ice Cream sells over 20 icecream flavours and other desserts.

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Cheap and good waffles

Every time I walk past Scoopz in Parkway, I will stand enthralled as the lady behind the counter mixes ice cream. With handcrafted ice cream and delicious waffles, it’s not difficult to get hooked on Scoopz!

Their avocado ice cream strangely reminds me of soybean soft serve, in a good way. It has a delicate balance of both creamy and sweet notes, and pairs well with a plain cone. Their waffles are the sort that are crisp on the outside, but fluffy on the inside. While it’s not the best I’ve had, it definitely tops the list for it’s price range! My only grouse is that I have to wolf the waffles down as it tends to get soft rather quickly.

Scoopz does not boast a classy interior or cozy chairs, but at the price you pay, the quantity of dessert it serves gives you a run for your money!

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Classic ice cream

Scoopz is a basic ice cream shop, but it does redefine ‘basic’. Scoopz doesn't have any fanciful ice cream names, neither does it have beautifully decorated ice cream on display - just a very basic stand featuring tubs and tubs of delicious ice cream. However, it does have a side window that allows customers to view their staff making ice cream while they wait for their turn.

The main things that draws customers back to Scoopz is their delicious ice cream. I love the durian flavour, which is also the flavour they are famous for. The taste of durian is extremely rich and the ice cream is creamy. Moreover, unlike eating a normal durian fruit, the durian ice cream from Scoopz does not leave an aftertaste or give you stinky breath.

Scoopz ice cream is also rather affordable and I would definitely recommend people to try it. It is also a Singaporean brand unlike Ben and Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins and hence their flavours taste more local.

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My favourite flavour here has to be the jack fruit. I had it at home after someone bought a tub back and it tasted so good I can't even believe it. The jack fruit bits in the ice cream were chewy and perfectly balanced the creaminess of the ice cream itself.

The thing I love about the ice cream is that its not too sweet and doesn't feel heavy like Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Daz's.

Its also super cool that when you go to the store you can see them making the ice cream on the spot so you know its fresh and you get to experience the ice cream making process.

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Is that ice cream fried?

Scoopz has been around for years. I always thought whatever that thing they do to their ice cream is frying. It's very interesting. I have not tried any of their other flavours apart from durian. I enjoy their durian ice cream very much. It's creamy and has a natural durian flavour.

For any other flavours, I would rather take a little walk to the other end and patronise Andersen's.

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Childhood Ice cream

Since young, I have always loved Ice cream. I stumbled upon Scoopz one day as I was wandering around with my friends in Parkway Parade. Feeling just a tad bit hungry, I decided to try it. And once I did, I was hooked.

Firstly captivated by the person flipping and scooping and tossing the ice cream around in the viewing gallery (as I like to call it), I went over to take a look. Looking over the flavours and liking them after trying afew, I bought a durian ice cream cone. Even though there is durian ice cream avaliable at almost every ice cream store, the durian ice cream here is exceptionally good and is less expensive compared to all the more well known ice cream stores like udders.

It would be perfect if Scoopz expanded and had outlets at more convenient places because Parkway Parade is not a place that people will usually hangout unless they have plans to go to East Coast Park.

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Always has a queue

Being Singaporean, I would take a look at the shop when I saw a queue. I was visiting the Singtel shop at Parkway when I noticed a queue outside a stall diagonally across Singtel.

I just had to go over and check out the stall. I noticed it was an ice cream shop and I took a closer look at the price and flavours available. It was not too expensive and it had my son's favourite durian flavour.

I thought I would pamper my son since he was getting impatient waiting with me for my queue number to be called in Singtel. I joined the queue and bought the durian ice cream. It was meant for my son but I had first taste. It was good, I ended up sharing the ice cream with my son. After I was done with my business at Singtel, I joined the queue again to buy another cup.

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One of the best durian ice cream around

I adore the durian ice cream at Scoopz. Despite all the ice creameries that have been popping up all around Singapore as of late, I find myself continually lusting over the durian ice cream at Scoopz, as it is a flavour that is pretty much unique to Singapore, and is a flavour that most of such ice creameries lack.

Scoopz is pretty much a basic ice cream shop, but it definitely brings 'basic' to new heights. Scoopz doesn't have any of those fanciful ice cream names, nor does it have beautifully decorated ice cream on display, just a very basic stand featuring tubs and tubs of delicious ice cream, and a side window that allows customers to watch the staff making ice cream while they wait for their turn. The only thing about Scoopz that keeps customers going back for more is its taste.

The ice cream at Scoopz are not too sweet, so it makes a good treat for everyone. Its durian ice cream smells just like the real deal, and each scoop melts in the mouth so delectably its hard to resist buying more.

I often see a queue at Scoopz though, so customers ought to be prepared to wait. However, there is no doubt that the ice cream that you will receive is worth every single minute of the waiting time.

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Ordinary Ice Cream Place

Scoopz has never been my choice whenever it comes to ice cream. Most of its ice cream flavours are unimpressive and I have never really understood the hype over this place. As a mad lover of Rum-and-Raisin ice cream, I was extremely disappointed by their Rum-and-Raisin Ice Cream. The quantity of rum they add to the ice cream is so minimal I could hardly taste anything and it seemed more like Vanilla ice cream with a few chewy raisins.

Scoopz Ice Cream really has nothing much to boast, except for its Durian Ice Cream which I have to acknowledge, is rich and creamy in texture, and therefore worth a try.The prices are also quite afforable.However other than so, my suggestion is to skip this place.

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Angel food

Scoopz ice-cream is food from heaven.

For me, Scoopz ice-cream has always been a beacon of palatability and tastiness. I used to have weekly tuition at Marine Parade in primary school, after which I would rush to Scoopz to buy a huge cone of cookies & cream ice-cream.

Around the PSLE period, when I would be all stressed and tense with worry, I would purchase even more of it. I would savour each mouthful of it, the scrumptious and sweet ice-cream completely melting in my mouth, a sort of creamy cold kind of relief to take my mind off PSLE for a while.

The service there has always been incredibly fast and the price of the ice-cream rivals that of fast-food chains, falling way below prices at Cold Stone Creamery or B&J.

Even now, when I no longer attend tuition at Marine Parade, I still make the occasional trip down to Parkway Parade just to buy a pint of deliciousness at Scoopz.

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Back to Basics

Have you grown tired of new ice cream franchises such as Coldstone and others? Well I have. That was why i was delighted when i came across Scoopz along the basement of Parkway Parade, which is next to the old Borders, which is now Uniqlo.

I used to get a peppermint flavour after a bought a couple of magazines or after my lunch somewhere around that area, until borders closed down, that is. I found myself with no real purpose to head there, but once in awhile i do take a bus there just for some scoopz. I dont think i need to describe any further, my dedication to this ice cream shop shows enough how much i love it.

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