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7 Haji Lane Singapore 189200
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Listing created by juzsimplicity on June 03, 2012    

The Ice Cream Man sells a range of ice cream that are customisable as well.

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1pm - 1am


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(Updated: September 30, 2012)

Ice-cream: the solution to all problems!

For every retail trip to Haji Lane, Ice-Cream Man is one place I will definitely go! It’s always nice to have some cold ice-cream after walking for so long under the scorching sun!

What I usually order: The Red Bull Sorbet that tastes exactly like red bull, which was what I needed from the tiring walk~ It was a little too sweet but isn't that the taste of the red bull drink?

Another favorite of mine: Frosty Sorbets!
“And the mango sorbet I’ve tried had cold sweetness melting in my mouth, with a lingering strong mango aftertaste”

*Words from the poet-wannabe*

Their ice-creams are also freshly made from seasonal fruits, so you can be sure that you get the freshest ice cream~ They do have quirky flavors such like kickapoo and red wine sorbets!

Love their service too! I highly recommend you to try out The Ice Cream Man! ☺

(1) Try first before deciding on the flavors!
(2) While chilling, you might want to try out the board games they have in their games and enjoy the icy goodness!
(3) They serve waffles as well :)

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Red Bull Sorbet, Mango Sorbet
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Haji Lane
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