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Miramar Hotel 401 Havelock Road Singapore 169631
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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 30, 2013    

A fusion cafe that serves a range of Asian cuisines and East meets West creations. Also has a wine collection.

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(Updated: May 30, 2013)

Average buffet with limited variety

I went for the buffet here yesterday as there was a one-for-one deal. The ambience felt very outdated to me. Like it was decorated 10 or 20 years ago and no one bothered to refurbish the place. The buffet was supposed to be an international buffet but it sorely lacked in variety. You don't make a bowl of wanton noodles, have some roasted meats and call it "Chinese". Where's the effort? The seafood had three varieties only. Yes, three. Prawns, oysters and mussels. They were fresh and nice but I cannot just eat only that. The other dishes were presented in a weird way. It was almost like I was in for a catered lunch. You know those metal tins and ware that catering companies use to contain their food during a catering event?

The fish they used were frozen dory fillets. The sauce was great but really? Frozen fillets?.. The beef was the cut commonly used in "tze char" places. The cheap, chewy kind. They cooked it hard and the only thing I liked was the sauce. The sashimi was cut thickly and unskillfully it was a shame for I really loved sashimi but could not eat past 3 slices. The "Seafood soup" only had crabsticks and cabbage in it. I felt so underwhelmed by everything. Luckily, the roasted lamb was not too bad. But again, I am looking for variety in buffets. Especially in "international buffets"! The desserts were passable but I would not want to have them again if given a chance to.

Service is really great and the staff would clean the dirty plates for you every now and then.

The usual price was $35++ for lunch buffet and after one-for-one, it ended up to be around $21 per pax. Not expensive for a buffet if you consider factors like it is a hotel and it is an "international" buffet. But for $21, I would rather have my buffet at Seoul Garden or have chicken rice or something.... Why would I pay such money for frozen fillets, poor beef cuts and such a small variety of food? It is definitely not worth the usual price of $35++ but if you are looking for a relatively okay-priced buffet, you can consider visiting here.

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