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Enjoy all-day dining at Greenhouse, which showcases international flavours and local favourites on buffet or á la carte. Seafood aficionados may dive into our delectable buffet dinners and savour Singapore’s iconic dish – chili or peppered crabs, along with a rotation of scallops, oysters, slipper lobsters and Japanese sushi and sashimi.

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(Updated: April 29, 2014)

Pleasant Surprise

Honestly, I've never enjoyed international buffets. I always find the food mediocre and unsatisfying despite the wide selection of cuisine. And so Greenhouse came as a pleasant surprise, because I actually enjoyed my meal there.

The food isn't amazing per se, but there were definitely some that stood out, such as the laksa, chili crab and the smoked salmon. They have a good range of seafood (prawns, clams, mussels, oysters) so seafood lovers would probably enjoy the buffet. I'm not a seafood person, but I saw lots of customers frequenting the seafood section, so I'm gonna assume that their seafood is pretty good. The prawns, however, were disappointing.

The chinese food is good, but not exactly impressive. They also serve roasted duck, potatoes, pork, beef and char siew. They also serve Japanese cuisine, which is okay-ish. I can't really say much about their Indian cuisine since I don't how how to compare the standards but I really liked their duck curry!

Dessert selection is pretty okay, with ice creams and sweet treats and cakes and pralines. I thought the carrot cake was amazing. Definitely worth my stomach space. I found it disappointing that there was no chocolate fondue though.

The price to pay for the international buffet at Greenhouse is probably a little too expensive for the food you get, but compared to international buffets you can get at other hotels, Greenhouse is definitely worth it. As a whole, I enjoyed the international buffet at Greenhouse.

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Something Cheesy Going On

Greenhouse is proud of their cheese selection. So when we went there to celebrate a birthday and was given a complimentary cheesecake, I was ecstatic. They do not hold back on the quality of their cheesecake just because it's free. Even my dog stole a bite off my slice and was asking for seconds.

The buffet has a wide selection of food - Indian , Japanese, some local cuisine. Nothing really stood out to me except for their laksa and ice cream selection. Their laksa was as good as those you get at hawker centres, which is saying something. And they have about 5 different ice cream flavours, each with a different sauce you can pour over with. The vanilla ice cream had vanilla sauce, the mango sorbet had mango sauce... you see where this is going. And joy! They had ang gu kuay with peanut filling! Usually those I eat at restaurants are with bean paste.

Ok so most people don't go to hotel buffets to eat local food they can get at the neighbourhood. So go there for the cheesecakes. And oh, they have the most courteous waiter. Made our meal so much more enjoyable.

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Feast away!

Limitless fresh oysters, chilled tiger prawns, scallops, baby octopus, cook on the spot duck noodles, pasta to your liking, cut on the spot sashimi, succulent chili crabs, fragrant nasi briyani, braised mutton, fresh seasonal fruits section, house made gelato with your choice of toppings, cakes, pastries and puddings and many more.

How's that sound? =)

These are what I look forward to when we go to the Greenhouse for the occasional buffet dinner. I like to sit in their booths which are actually tables with wooden latticed backings so that you can get that bit more privacy.

But heck, who really bothers about privacy in the presence of good food?

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Amazing dining experience

I went there for my birthday and it was an amazing experience. The spread was good and most Singaporeans would be happy to know that the seafood section was absolutely fantastic. The seafood was plentiful and the oysters were fresh, not something you find in many hotel buffets. The highlight was the grilled crayfish served in a kind of cheese sauce if I'm not wrong. Soft and juicy, it was no wonder the queue for the crayfish was so long. They also had a one time serving of drunken prawns which were nicely cooked. The broth had just a right amount of herbs and wine in it.

The dessert bar however was lacking is variety with mainly cakes and there was nothing very special about it. There was quite a wide variety of ice cream though. This didn't realy matter to me however because I'm not that much of a dessert person.

The ambience was a typical one of a higher end restaurant. The decor was impressive though and matched the name 'Greenhouse'.

It was a coincidence that on the night I was there, the national day preview was going on. There were fireworks which could be seen from the restaurant which was a wonderful experience. Not something you get very often.

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Not worth the price tag

The lofty interior of Greenhouse creates a calming atmosphere that is perhaps only present in establishments that are of certain calibre. Entering Greenhouse, one would be no doubt attracted to the centre of the restaurant, especially the hungry stomachs waiting to feast on the offerings that Greenhouse presents.

The variety, while fairly large, is average for the price paid. I only particularly enjoyed the cream mushroom soup (not a wise choice for a buffet, definitely, but I’m a soup person) and the sashimi. The roast beef section was nothing to shout about. Similarly, for the Chinese cooked food section, nothing was impressive enough to demand for a second helping.

The plethora of desserts present sent me in frenzy. Curated with fine detailing, they looked appetizing. Without the help of the staff nearby however, it was rather impossible to tell what they were (also, the absence of proper signage did not help). The lychee one left a significant impression on me, while the rest tasted sort of… weird.

If not for the 50% off promotion, I would not have tried Greenhouse. And after my first experience, I definitely wouldn’t be paying full price for this buffet. The food, unfortunately, did not justify the price tag.

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