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City Square Mall #02-21/22 180 Kitchener Road Singapore 208539
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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

Gangnam Garden (Formerly Korean BBQ) sells Korean BBQ buffet, accompanied with a choice of main dish and complimentary dessert.

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Splendid service

Gangnam Garden is formerly the Korean BBQ restaurant known simply as Korean BBQ at City Square Mall. It has recently undergone a renovation and has been renamed as Gangnam Gardens. The place now looks much better than before, but it is now a store with walls, as the whole place was an open concept previously. I wonder if the neighbouring stores complained about the smell.

Currently there offer two main modes of eating. The first one is a BBQ Buffet that consists of the buffet, one main dish per person from a selection of 4 dishes (2 cold noodle dish, 1 Bibimbap and 1 seafood soup), plus a complimentary daily dessert.

What I like about this place is that the staff here puts in additional efforts to remember their customers. For me, I probably go there once a month, and it was a pleasant surprise that 2 of the Korean staff actually do remember that I had came before. Although that did not meant that I was getting any additional freebies, it felt good that I was like a valued customer.

In terms of the main dish, I quite liked their seafood soup. It is a kimchi based soup with soft tofu and prawns in it and it is served piping hot. It is good to have it together with rice just like the Korean drama.

The buffet wise was pretty standard. There are about 2 to 3 types of side dish. Too bad they stopped serving the seasoned bean sprouts as it was really aromatic. They served fresh beef, chicken and pork, some marinated and some just as it is. They also have some half cooked BBQ or marinated chicken chops. There are some seafood like prawns and squid but it was not exciting to talk about.

So far, this place is like fully packed whenever I go and it is a good place to have a good BBQ.

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