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317 Outram Road Singapore
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Listing created by Iswariya on August 21, 2012    

Melting Pot Café is reminiscent of coffee shops of old Singapore during the 1960s - 1970s. Tantalize your tastebuds in the delectable made-to-order dishes which incorporates the western and local flavours incorporated in the splendors of an international cuisine at the buffet spread. A true melting pot of East meets west, the culinary delights will surely whet your appetite and entice you to return for more. 

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I have been to this buffet quite a few times with family and friends. The buffet serves fusion food, from different cuisines. Overall, the food is mostly average, and the service is pretty good. The price is also quite affordable for a hotel buffet.

One thing that caught my attention is that they change they menu quite often, which is good, but can also be bad. Some of the dishes have become my favorites, but whenever I go back to eat at the same buffet, they do not serve the dishes that I was looking forward to. Their dishes are quite inconsistent, one might say. But for people who like new choices every time they visit, this is an ideal buffet for you.

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Average selection of food

This hotel is not the most accessible of hotels and the restaurant is not the best known for buffet so it was only because my office used to be within walking distance to this restaurant that I had eaten at this restaurant for a few times.

My office had the tradition of giving farewell lunch to colleagues leaving the company and there was no lack of people leaving the company so after a while, we would be back at this restaurant. The main reason for selecting this restaurant was our budget. This was not an expensive buffet for lunch and the selection was acceptable for the price we were paying.

I loved the satay here. If you are going to eat your value, go for fifteen to twenty sticks of satay, it will not be too filling and it will cost close to twenty dollars going by the hotel rate for a stick of satay so it will almost cover what you pay for the buffet.

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