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Level 4, Marina Mandarin 6 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039594
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Listing created by Damien on May 11, 2012    

AquaMarine on level 4 serves up a sumptuous buffet spread of seafood and international cuisines. Alongside an enticing a la carte menu of local favourites, it is complemented by an alfresco dining alternative.


For a taste of Asia, visit AquaMarine during weekends and public holidays, featuring some of Asia’s favourite culinary fare with its High Tea Buffet, such as Singapore Style ‘Rojak’, Hong Kong Dim Sum and Braised Soya Chicken.


For those who want “to see and be seen”, there is the special dining option at the VVIP Captain’s Table. The Captain’s Table will see our Chefs personally tailor and serve up special set menu items to guests and our Wine Sommelier will be on hand to recommend the choicest wines to go with your meals. At the Captain’s Table, a delectable selection of set menus is available to provide guests with a most indulging experience, starting from S$100++ per person. Food menus can be paired with exquisite wines available at prevailing prices.

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Daily - Breakfast: 06:30 - 10:30 Lunch: 12:00 - 14:30 Dinner: 16:30 - 22:30
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  • $50-100
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The only buffet that has biscuits that I used to eat from my childhood. It may sound crazy, liking this buffet for that reason, but I do. Also the only buffet that has yam (taco) flavoured ice cream, a dying flavour, but another of my favourite.

They have a decent selection of food, from japanese to chinese to a little malay and indian cuisine. Their dessert section can compete with other buffets around Singapore. One of my favourite sweet treat is the chocolate butter pudding with vanilla sauce. It makes me feel like I've put on a ton of weight after a few spoons full but that doesn't stop me from having more.

Service staff on the floor are friendly and pleasant. But twice have gone to this buffet and twice have my companions and I been snubbed by the service staff at the Japanese counter. Perhaps he was having a bad day. Or 2 bad days.

A decent buffet for a decent price. Then again, if the only thing pulling me back there are the biscuits and yam ice cream, my dad would tell me there are cheaper ways to satisfy that hunger.

Oh one last thing, their drunken prawns aren't drunken. It's a halal restaurant, after all, which is commendable. :)

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Marina Mandarin
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Blue blue

My company had the tradition of year end lunch and AquaMarine was one of the restaurants that we had lunch. I had not much memory of the food served there but it should have quite a lot of seafood as the name implies. Having no memory of the food should suggest that the food was not exceptionally good to have left any impression.

I have a very deep impression of the decor. The whole restaurant was very blue and the wall had wave designs. My company's main colour is also blue, I was guessing this may be the reason the organiser chose this restaurant. I was just looking through the group photo taken during that lunch. The whole background was so blue, even our faces looked a bit blue.

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Twist with Rojak

I went aquamarine for hi-tea and was allocated the furthest place to the buffet line. I guess this allowed me to exercise and eat more. Given their layout, even if i weren't placed far, i would still have to walk a distance because of their poor layout.

They served the standard english tea or coffee. The spread was a mix of western and chinese but I wouldn't say they have a huge spread. They have a few local dishes like chicken rice, DIY rojak and the nonya DIY dumpling which were fun to do and I think is their unqiue selling point. The rest of their spread was run-of the-mill. They have fresh seafood like oysters, prawns and sashimi. Their japanese spread had about 4 types of sushi, soba noodles which were the norm.

The dessert spread was better than most hi-tea buffets I been to. I especially love their fudge cake, it was rich, heavy and chocolatey.

As the place was too big, they lacked man power and I it didn't help that i was placed at the corner so I had a hard time calling for service to clear my plates or top up my tea.

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fudge cake
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I'm not a seafood fan - in fact, I rarely eat any type of seafood. So, when asked along to Aquamarine for lunch, I was a bit hesitant.. but since I wasn't paying, I went along.

There was quite a spread, and even if you aren't much of a seafood fan, there are some other alternatives, like the cakes/breads. In general, I think the food is quite okay - but not quite up to standard for the price paid. The ambience of the place sort of made up for it, though..

The service staff was pretty friendly, and attentive.

I'll probably not come back, unless again, I'm not the one paying.

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Fresh seafood a must-try

With a name like Aquamarine, it's a no-brainer that the seafood is the star of the show. And true to its name, the cold seafood is fresh, with a lot of variety such as prawn, crab, crayfish and shellfish. The seafood was also promptly topped up whenever it ran out, ensuring that everyone gets their share of seafood. The ambience was soothing and light, and my family thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience here.

The local food wasn't that great, though; the Indian curries and Indonesian food tasted like they were there merely to add to the number of items on the menu. Still, thumbs up for the duck rice. The duck was succulent and complemented the rice well.

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Not worth it

I tried AquaMarine with my family during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan so I was expecting quite a treat. However, I was sorely disappointed that the quality of the food did not meet my expectations.

Firstly, I tried the sushi which was not very good. I’ve eaten sushi at cheaper places that tasted better. Next I had some chicken rice which was actually not half bad. The rice was fragrant and the chicken soft and chewy. There are not many choices though for the main course. I liked the selection of appetisers such as nachos with cheese and really good salsa. The dessert was of the same quality of most hotel buffets but you should give the macaroons which were too sweet and sticky a miss. It's too expensive and not worth the value for me to come again.

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