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Thomson Medical Centre is a healthcare provider with a strong focus on Obstertrics & Gynaecology and Paediatric. Founded in 1979, it is a subsidary of Thomson Medical Pte. Ltd. 

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Excellent standards

Should you not want to sought care in government hospitals during times of illness, the first private healthcare provider I would recommend for you would be Thomson Medical Centre. Though not having been hospitalised there before (definitely not a fan of falling sick), I had the experience of visiting the place numerous occasions, be it to witness the birth of a young cousin or helping my friend there due to injuries sustained from sports such as soccer or basketball.

Firstly, i like the atmosphere of the place. The calm and soothing atmosphere is definitely ideal for a patient to rest and recover. Moreover, I like the waiting time and cleanliness. Unlike government polyclinics and hospitals, there is usually less patients waiting to see the doctor. And hence, waiting times are really fast and theres less chance of something spreading due to the sparse number of people as compared to an overcrowded government polyclinic with loads of people in extremely close proximity to each other.

Secondly, the service provided for hospitalised patients is really good. Theres an all round the clock nurse to attend to each bed, the rooms are cleaned and sterilised, the layout of the furniture very conducive for family visits as well as decent standard of meals provided by the hospital.

Moreover, facilities are state of the art and staff are efficient! I like the paperwork process as there are considerably less paperwork and considerations to take into account for before major events such as surgeries and deliveries.

Excellent standards in my opinion!

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