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The Animal Infirmary provides a full spectrum of veterinary services - from rehabilitation to boarding and from surgery to hospitalization


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Top of the range medical expertise dished out with truckloads of compassion...just for your furry one...

My dog was recently hospitalized at the Animal Infirmary after receiving immediate surgery to remove her cancerous uterus. She had been diagnosed with Pyometra and would have probably succumbed to a silent and sudden death should we have been a day or two late in diagnosis and thus treatment. With it being her first operation and first stay away from home, we had the infirmary's phone number practically on redial. Despite our incessant calls, the ever cheerful and patient staff at the infirmary continually allayed our concerns and reassured us our "Little Fat One" was doing well. Also,much to our pleasant surprise, apparently when the pudgy one was put under general anaesthesia, the Vet had seized the opportunity to give her pearlie-whites a good polishing as well. The excellent treatment our pet received at each and every stage is comparable to what any other well-deserving human being would have attained at a "five-star" hospital.

Recently, our " Little Fat One" had also been boarded at the infirmary whilst we were away on vacation. Upon our return, our otherwise overtly tubby friend seemed slightly more svelte;compliments of a "slimming program". The staff had put her on a regimented diet of zilch carbs and selected protein components. As it seems, there is even a post-surgery diet for the hospitalized clientele. In addition to the new diet program, our slightly less pudgy one was also plied with and overdose of attention, care and affection. The 12-yr old "matriarch" seemed to have become a more youthful ball of fluff, bouncing out to greet us upon our return.

As with any aged individual, our "Little Fat One" was recently diagnosed with a myriad of health concerns of increased complexity. Instead of plying her with bagfuls of medication and packing her off, a more overround holistic approach was taken. We (the highly concerned owners), were also counseled on what we were to expect and thus look out for in relation to a detailed list of medical issues plaguing our aged dog.

Some unique rehabilitation treatments I'd like to let my "Little Fat One" to try out soon are, Hydrotherapy (with the usage of an underwater treadmill!),Chirotherapy/chiropractic treatment and Acupuncture. However, I was most surprised with the follow-up service by the infirmary:a couple of days after each visit, my handphone would buzz with a cheery sms from the Vet;inquiring on the welfare and development of the pudgy one. Scarce do I recall a Clinic messaging me as a means of follow-up after an appointment with the Doctor.

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