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KK Women's and Children's Hospital 100 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 229899
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KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital has evolved over the decades, into a regional leader in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Neonatology. Today, the 830-bed hospital is a referral centre providing tertiary services to handle high-risk conditions in women and children. There are more than 400 specialists adopt a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to treatment.


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Affordable and adequate

In terms of basic hospital stays, I would agree that KK is a place to be considered. My brother was recently hospitalised last year at KK for high white blood cell count, which lead to high temperatures and affected the workings of his body as the white blood cells are mounting a prolonged attack indiscriminately throughout his body. Hence, he was hospitalised at KK for 2 weeks in a Class B2 ward.

During my visits to KK to see him, I found the healthcare provided adequate for his needs. In the ward, a nurse is assigned to several patients to personally supervise and keep track for their well-being. A doctor was also available 24/7 to tend to the patients on the spot should anything happen. The visiting hours policy though, only allowed visits up to 9pm, which was not a consolation for my parents, who wanted to stay with him through the night. It was not easy to get my mum to leave despite our and the nurse's well-meaned efforts.

The facilities in the hospital itself was adequate too in my opinion. The mall in KK, albiet small, housed quite a variety of shops. These includes toy shops, gift shops, Macs and other food outlets such as Kopitiam (a decent foodcourt selling decent food) and Mr Bean and even a bookshop (where I spent some time in)! I bought a helium balloon for my sister and a book for myself, though the balloon was exhorbitantly priced.

Overall, an adequate hospital!

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Part of the World-class healthcare system

KKH is part of the World-class healthcare system that we have in Singapore. Despite some flaws that it might have such as the baby swap incident in 2012, the quality of the healthcare delivered is exemplary.

My last inpatient treatment was almost a decade ago when I was admitted after an accident. The nurses were professional and allied many of the fears I had as a young terrified child. The doctors were well-trained and patient. I had a speedy recovery from that incident. In fact, because of the accident and the doctors that attended to me, I was inspired to pursue medicine which I am doing now.

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Great improvements!

I have heard a lot of complains about the long waiting hours and rude nurses despite you having an appointment with the doctors. So honestly, KKH wasn’t my top choice during my pregnancy days although they are a hospital catered to ladies and kids.

So when I was told to go there for some checkups, I dread the thought but I had to. However, it was quite a pleasant visit though. The lady at the registration counter was friendly and nice, although she answered her mobile phone while she was doing my registration with me in front of her, which I think such action wasn’t very professional but again, probably they gave more freedom to their employees and it doesn’t affect me, so ya, this shouldn’t be a minus point. I was told to go and wait for my Q number at the allocated doctor and I get to see the doctor at 1115am while my appointment time was 11am. This was unexpected as I was quite prepared for the long wait. So the long waiting time even with an appointment fixed is untrue, at least for my case.

Even before the date of my appointment, they took the trouble to send me a letter reminding me of my appointment together with some brochures that is informative for my first time visit to KKH. And they even sms me one week before my appointment date as a reminder, and what’s more cool is that, they sms me to inform that there are only 2 more patients infront of me when its nearing my appointment time.

I think all these small gestures are essential for patients. However, the bill is costly which I think they can’t do much about this.

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Depressing visits made more depressed with all the waiting

A strain in the chest and blood boils each time I recall my visits to KK hospital. I am a revisit patient at the breast centre and I have to say that if it is not for the trouble to switch to another hospital, I would have switched long time ago.

I cannot understand the idea of being given an appointment date and time and even reminders on the phone but still have to wait for 1-3 hours at the waiting bay on the day itself. The customer service staff weren't much of any help either. They are rather hostile and will only ask you to wait,wait,wait and that they cannot do anything too, then walk off. There was once I was so angry after 2 hours of waiting that I cried there and then. I mean, come on, we patients are already there on a very depressing note, why make us feel so unloved and sicker?

The only comforting thing in the cold waiting bay is probably the smiling faces of covergirls on the magazines lying around for reads and the little coffee dispenser which had some warmth to spare for the patients. I'm already dreading my next appointment.

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One for the ladies (and children)

I was a patient here last year when I was pushed in school, and had fallen backwards, hitting my head on the concrete floor. I remember being in excruciating pain.

When I got to the hospital, a nurse helped me to calm down, because I was in tears and hyperventilating. I was put onto a bed and given pain killers. There were many people and other patients around me. As I was in the children's section, there were many babies around and their crying was quite a pain to listen to at that point in time. I had to lie down there for a few hours because I needed to be monitored.

Finally, the doctor measured the size of the bruise on my head with a measuring tape, and decided that I should stay the night for further monitoring, as I was still feeling dizzy. Through the night, my blood pressure was checked hourly by a nurse. The food provided by the hospital was quite nice, and the ward I was put it was peaceful and quiet.

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Decent at its best

Having been born here, in the early years of my life, I visited this hospital quite often to a nasal phlegm problem I had in my childhood. I experienced the terrible waiting time myself, having to wait from 8am in the morning to till the afternoon for my appointment, only to realise later on that the doctor I was seeing was not even my usual doctor.

I do not know whether it was wrongly dispensed medicine or wrong treatment for doctors, much the fact that I started gaining weight fast after stopping treatment as the problem ceased and that my nose became very sensitive to elements in the air soon after like it had not been before showed that there was some undesirable side effect to the treatment that me and my parents were not aware of.

The decoration of the childrens' area is really childish and did not really make me feel good about the hospital back then as it was intended to. Overall, long waiting times and questionable medicine/treatment makes this hospital not my choice for future consultations and treatment.

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Join the queue..

We had the unfortunate experience of having to bring our baby here a couple of times. For a hospital specializing in women and children healthcare, its level of service is sorely disappointing. Sure the walls in the children wards are decorated with cute animals and cartoons and the women wards are a very feminine pink, but seriously who cares about the walls? We go to a hospital to be treated.

On one trip, we waited 4 hours with my daughter burning up with a high fever just to see the doctor. On another, we waited just as long for an x-ray after my daughter suffered a bad fall and injury to her head.

On the women side too, we stayed away from using KK as our birth hospital after hearing horror stories of how the gynae doing the delivery sometimes is not the gynae who has been handling your case for 9 months.

Overall, another example of how government healthcare is not keeping pace with the developments in Singapore.

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Bad experience

There was once when my son was having high fever continuously for the whole day and until around 11pm, my wife insisted that I brought my son to KK hospital. I made the mistake of giving my son some medicine before going to the hospital to bring down his fever.

I arrived at the A&E and took about ten minutes before I registered my son. Then it was the long wait to see a doctor. It was at least an hour before my son got to see a doctor because my son's fever had subsided after taking medicine. There were actually not many people waiting in the A&E clinic so I guessed the explanation was that there were very few doctors on duty.

After seeing the doctor, I had to wait for x-ray, after x-ray I had to see the doctor again. The whole process took until 3am the next day when the doctor told me I needed to admit my son for observation. Next, I needed to wait for a hospital bed. By the time my son slept on the hospital bed, it was almost 5am. It was such a bad experience. I could have waited just a bit more for the next day and visited a normal clinic and not have to pay the $60 for A&E. The hospital did not help reduce my son's suffering when he was in the A&E so it would not have made any difference if he had stayed at home and waited until the next day.

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