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With a history and tradition of medical excellence spanning two centuries, Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is Singapore’s flagship hospital. SGH operates as a restructured hospital and is a member of the SingHealth (Singapore Health Services) Group, an integrated healthcare delivery network incorporated on 31 March 2000 comprising hospitals, national specialty centres and polyclinics.


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Sure Go Home

There was once when I was talking a taxi to SGH. The taxi driver jokingly said to me, "Don't worry, SGH stands for Sure Go Home, so any friends or relatives admitted there would definitely be able to go home."

If you understand old people, they would refuse to go to hospital even if they were really sick. This was because that they were afraid that they may not be able to come home after going to hospital.

If you had been to SGH, you may have noticed that sometimes there were VIPs visiting the hospital. It was easy to identify the bodyguards of these VIPs because they would also be wearing the special head phones that you see special agents wearing in movies. Also, their cars can park at places where normally you would not be able to park.

I had asked the question before, why would a VIP that earn so much need to visit a government hospital and not visit the private hospital. The answer was simply that SGH had a few of the best doctors in the different disciplines so these VIP visit SGH not for the government subsidy but more for the doctors.

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Service from the heart indeed. :)

Singapore Heart Center is conveniently located at the Singapore General Hospital Campus.

I have been a regular patient of Singapore Heart Center for roughly 3 years and all the time been satisfied with the care I get. I never missed an appointment eversince. The SMS alert never cease to remind me of my coming visit. Sometimes I may be stuck in the queue for hours but it was always worth the wait. The doctors are professionally good and exceptionally caring. They were always there to listen to everything I feel. Talking to them makes me feel better all the time.

The social service workers are equally commendable for there valuable service as well. I used to be a private patient and thanks to the social services department for assisting me for my application to downgrade. I now enjoy cheaper medicine and consultation.

I highly appreciate the shuttle service too. Aside from being clean it has frequent timing as well. The bus drivers are polite and considerate. The staff organized the queue making it easier even for older patients that need special care and assistance.

Singapore Heart Center is very clean and hygienic. The toilets are well kept and the facilities are regularly maintained and improved. Hand sanitizers for patients and staff use are found everywhere. As a patient, a day spent for checkup is very exhausting. Thanks to the staff for always making my day lighter and more positive.

All praise to the management for putting up a center that is very convenient and reliable.

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SGH is the largest government hospital in Singapore. It has the most facilities as well, there's eye centre, cancer centre, heart centre, and a main block, for patients who admit. There are also different genre of wards like surgery ward, general ward and ICU.

My grandfather was admitted due to his heart problems. I was really thankful and feeling greatful to the staffs there that has taken him well. There are also 'not so great' staff, but well, I still feel thankful as they are part of the team.

I can understand sometimes elderly may be unreasonable, especially when they're sick. I can also understand staffs get sick and tired when they see this kind of patient everyday, but I hope they will maintain their professional attitude when they're in front of them and their family members.

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