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The National University Hospital was established in 1985 and it serves as a tertiary hospital, clinical training centre and research centre for the medical and dental faculties of neighboring NUS.


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Young doctors

NUH is the nearest hospital from my mother in law's house. So when my child was sick and needed to see doctors after normal clinic opening hours, we would bring my child to NUH Children A & E.

There was once when my son was down with high fever and we brought him to NUH Children A & E. It was quite late at night and the doctor on duty that night was very young. I had no issue with young and new doctors but this doctor brought out a flow chart and referred to it when trying to determine what treatment to give my child. That really made me lost all confidence in him.

Of course, there had been many young and good doctors at NUH also. These doctors were very good with children. They were patient and knew how to distract children from their discomfort.

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Parking can get difficult during peak periods

I cannot say that I have fond memories here. Nobody would relish memories of their loved ones fighting for their lives in a hospital but that was exactly what happened to me. My grandad had an open heart bypass done in NUH in 2005 and he spent more than a month warded there. I remember the anxiety and panic I experienced. Plenty of distressing moments which included me blacking out as the surgeon was speaking to us about the 80% possibility of my grandad not making it through. I hated the memories.

I hated how difficult it was to find parking space when I really needed it. I hated the choice of food available to visitors especially if you are there everyday for a month plus. Food wasn't so cheap too. Care wise, there's really not much to complain about. I remember the nurses to be dedicated.

Recently, there has been some renovations done but my memories of that dreadful year remained. Oh yes, the carpark is still as testy as ever during peak hours.

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