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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 25, 2012    

Pan-In-The-Box is Singapore’s first cosplay costume shop since 2003.

As of October 2011, Pan-In-The-Box is located at The Central Shopping Mall #02-51, conveniently located next to Clarke Quay MRT station in Singapore. Founder Kenneth Lee is known to serve to the best interest of each one of our customers. Many customers from overseas in fact has visited our stores too. Our official website is

We ensure cosplay devotees and otaku lovers all around the world happy with costumes, props, wigs and accessories bought from us. If you need custom made to measure costume, please do not hesitate to contact us with your reference pictures and we will quote you the price. We will be doing the very best for the quality of the costume and also the accuracy.

We actively participate anime-events in Singapore such as Cosplay Summit, Start-of-Year (SOY), Singapore Cosplay Club events, COSFEST, End-of-Year, school, poly and universities cosplay events. Some of our mentions include:

  • Cosplay Craziness article published on AsiaOne here.
  • StarTrek News online article here.

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(Updated: December 07, 2013)

lots of stuff, slightly pricier

Though I don't cosplay, I visit Pan-In-The-Box to get my anime merchandise such as rings, miniature weapons, wallets etc. They sell all sorts of things, for example, the necklaces that characters wear in various anime.

It could be argued that there are other shops to visit such as Comics Connection and Otaku House in order to get these merchandise. Yet, I feel that Pan-In-The-Box offers a wider range; it is almost a guarantee that you'd be able to find what you're looking for, unlike if you visit other stalls, where the chances are much lower.

Then again, there is a trade-off for the range. I think that their prices are slightly higher than your average store. However, as a die-hard fan I am quite willing to pay the few extra dollars or cents in order to make a successful purchase.

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Good for basic needs.

I've been to Pan In The Box for a few times, as I used to cosplay and was procrastinating whether or not to purchase my costumes from them. However, their costumes are really expensive at about $150 plus for a simple uniform.

Most of their things are really expensive in a sense, as I can guarantee you half their merchandises are just shipped from TaoBao(a china online shopping mall). They also carry very little costumes, and only for the popular/mainstream anime series.

For those more obscure series, I really recommend you to visit TaoBao. You'll have to know chinese though, and google for a TaoBao agent to help you with shipping the things into Singapore.

However, their small items like cosplay props rings, necklaces, you may want to purchase from them, as TaoBao's shipping is really expensive. Minus the shipping though, it's much more worth it to shop at Taobao despite it being really cumbersome. For me, I purchase from TaoBao regularly as my mother would fly to China once a month and can then bring back the items for me, saving on the shipping. With that, I get a necklace at $5 Singapore dollars, as opposed to the same one from PITB at $15.90.

Their staff are quite nice, and are helpful. One thing though, the store isn't that big and it's kinda cramped. However they do bring in a lot of anime merchandises, so you'll probably take quite a while looking at all the things.

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Much more than I expected

Pan-In-The-Box is a shop that sells anime merchandises and cosplay costumes. The variety of anime merchandises is so wide that I could just spend hours inside the shop browsing through all the interesting items that are there. The range of anime goods and merchandises at Pan-In-The-Box is a whole lot more when compared to Otaku House. There are also merchandises from games such as Final Fantasy. Their wigs are relatively cheap and of good quality. The price of cosplay costumes are slightly more pricey if you compare it to Otaku House’s. If you can’t find anime or games merchandises at Otaku House; my best is that Pan-In-The-Box will most likely have it instead.

As a side note, you would often see Pan-In-The-Box at various cosplay/anime conventions and events such as STGCC and Cosfest.

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