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Listing created by prisailurophile on July 23, 2012    

Lovely DeArt is a shop selling rustic and country-style home furniture and décor such as Victorian lamps, rosette magazine racks and antique clocks.

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(Updated: December 11, 2012)

Pretty but frivolous

This store sells plenty of pretty (mostly wooden) furniture and ornaments, such as lampshades, paintings and all sorts of wooden items like trays, clocks and telephones. While the items are pretty, I feel they tend to be rather frivolous, as well as a little on the expensive side. I say they are frivolous because I believe most houses can do without decorative and borderline functional items like remote control holders. In addition, I feel it is not very practical to have a prettily hand-painted wooden dustbin. Can't imagine putting it in my living room where it could get knocked over and chipped at a corner!

Also, I should think people who shop here must have a very specific idea as to how they would like to decorate their room/house. To pull off the quaint effect, one must really go all the way rather than just having one piece of Victorian style furniture sticking out like a sore thumb in an otherwise functional, mod-looking room. I think it foolish to see something really charming you might like in the shop, and buy it home only to realise it matches nothing in your house.

I think this place caters more to the well-off who have a specific taste for this style of furniture, and who can afford someone to maintain these quaint items e.g. dust the lampshade or return remotes back into the remote control holder.

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(Updated: November 14, 2012)

Best to window-shop

I had a bad impression on Lovely DeArt. I should explain. Back then, I was a neoprint nutty. I remember spending S$10 a week just to get goofy pictures taken. This was at Causeway Point. However after a couple years later, the neoprint shop was replaced by art/furniture store.

I never took notice of the store until a few months back. I’ve always felt that their items are too exorbitant for me. They still are. A typical oil painting costs S$680. Although I have to admit that it’s beautifully done. The painting’s clearly done by a professional painter. The strokes and colours used were phenomenal.

In my opinion, this is the store for art and vintage lovers. If you do not belong to any of these categories, stay away.

I bought a mini cabinet which costs me less than S$50. It’s a wee bit expensive but the designs won me over. Personally, I feel that it’s better to window-shop at Lovely DeArt. With the light and furnishing, it reminds me of a museum in a certain way.

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