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A war heroine in Singapore with her husband, Choy Khun Heng who supplied medicine, money and messages to prisoners-of-war interned in Changi Prison during World War II.

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Female Role Model

Who said that women cannot be role models too? In this day and age, the number of female role models are still few and far between. But in the case of Singapore, this woman has made the history books of Singapore.

One of the few women to be revered and placed into the pages of the history books that we study today, Elizabeth Choy was a woman of courage and showed undeterred strength during the period of WWII. Although men are considerably the stronger sex, - or thought to be - examples like Elizabeth should also be recognised and honoured.

After all, women can be amazing too.

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Elizabeth Choy is a mainstay in many History textbooks and even has an exhibit dedicated to her in the National Museum. Her heroic life as a Second Lieutenant in the SVC during the Japanese Occupation and smuggling supplies to PoWs in Changi Prison is well-documented. Post-war, she was awarded many honours, such as the Bronze Girl Guides' cross (1945) and the Order of the British Empire (1946).

Less well known is the fact that she posed for two of Dora Gordine's sculptures and that she had a short lived political career in the 1950s.

She is definitely one of Singapore's most memorable war heroes, and although she died of pancreatic cancer in 2006, her legacy continues to inspire many in this day and age.

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