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David Tan
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Lim Bo Seng (27 April 1909 – 29 June 1944) was a World War II resistance fighter based in Singapore and Malaya.


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Real Life hero

Known for his contributions to the nation encapsulated in the form of a memorial that stands until today, this man is a man that had worked to contribute to the state of our nation today. While many people in Singapore might scoff at the lack of national heritage present compared to other big countries with hundreds of years of history, Lim Bo Seng is one of the few who has made his mark in the history books of Singapore.

People forget that even those big countries with hundreds of years of history started with little history at first - in fact, they started small. Though Singapore is a young nation and we have only got a history of less than a hundred years, we at least have a history from our independence. Lim Bo Seng is one of the few people who fought hard for Singapore's independence - something that a lot of us take for granted today.

We look up to superficial heroes in cartoon and comic form, but we forget the real-life heroes.

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His history will live on in Singapore forever...

... As long as Social Studies books continue to teach students about him.

I vividly remember always turning to the page about Lim Bo Seng in my primary school Social Studies textbook. I enjoyed reading about his story from fighting in the war to his death, and I always saw him as a really brave hero. I've not actually read up about him much eversince I stopped hearing of him in school, but I definitely will remember his story. If my future kids (provided I do have kids in the future) are not going to learn about him (perhaps his history is removed from textbooks, who knows!), I'll be glad to pass on this piece of history to them.

I wonder if students today still learn about him. I believe that Lim Bo Seng's history is a part of Singapore that everyone should know of, because I feel that his story can teach us various lessons, such as bravery and showing love, be it for our nation, our friends or family, and so on.

Some would consider him a hero or legend of Singapore, but all should respect him for what he did. How many of us would be willing or daring enough to even be his shoes? It's a scary world in our everyday lives, but it's definitely gonna be hell should we have to face a war like he did (or any war for that matter).

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A war hero

This man is the stuff of legends. If you have a textbook detailing your adventures and life in primary and secondary school, you know you have touched history.

For the history and war enthusiasts amongst us, you would know that Mr Lim here was Chinese resistance fighter based in Singapore and Malaya during World War II. Not content with watching his fellow Chinese suffer at the hands of the Japanese, he was a leader in the resistance and recruited hundreds of secret agents through intensive military intelligence missions from neighbouring countries. Even when captured, he refused to give up information under torture and died as a result of poor treatment. Personally, I feel that his courage and patriotism in the face of danger is admirable, and definitely deserves commendation.

A man that is willing to sacrifice his life in order to protect and defend his nation. Truly a badass in the purest sense of the word.

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Sometimes you wonder what he fought for

Lim Bo Seng is probably remembered best as a WW2 hero. He fought a guerilla war against the Japanese in the jungles of Malaya until he was betrayed, caught, tortured and died as a result. Pretty much a tragic end, but despite his death, the guerilla force was not compromised, speaking volumes of his integrity.

His grave could be found on top of a slope at MacRitchie Reservoir, overlooking the zig-zag bridge. His grave is in a state of mild disrepair. His grave should be conserved as a national monument. Lest he be forgotten.

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